What To Wear To A Festival

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The festival season signifies the beginning of summer, so there’s a lot to be festive about!

We’ll be welcoming wide brimmed hats and cute specs with open arms. They’ll give you the coverage you need in the hottest parts of the day, but come nightfall they can be folded comfortably into your bag.

Slouchy across-the-body bags will be your best bet and more importantly won’t restrict your movement whilst busting out your best dance moves! There are endless outfit possibilities when playing with colourful tops, shorts or patterned summer dresses. Strappy sandals are the footwear of choice…there are so many gorgeous pairs available so the challenge will be narrowing down your search.

What To Wear To A Festival - Women's Clothing

If you’ve ever been to a festival you’ll know that they can be a big day (get it…big day out). So it’s important to be comfortable and have an outfit that can go the distance. But of course you want to look fabulous at the same time. Try and find a happy balance between style and comfort and avoid being one of those girls that draws attention for all the wrong reasons…..go for classy casual rather than all tight and bright!

WHAT TO WEAR TO A FESTIVAL – Our tips on festival style:

  • Outfit – we’ve all seen way too much skin at a festival and it isn’t a classy look. If you choose to go down the cutoff denim route, try and find a length that is right for your body shape / legs. If you don’t want to do cutoffs, go for a nice summer dress instead, although don’t forget that you could be sitting on the grass at times, so a shorter than short summer dress might make things difficult
  • Accessories – are a great way to dress up a basic look and allow you to add a bit of edge to your outfit
  • Bag – avoid a small handbag or clutch and go for the cross body slouch bag which will leave you hands free and able to dance the day / night away in comfort
  • Shoes – go for sandals or flats as a whole day and night on your feet in heels can be a nightmare and your feet and their new blisters will hate you
  • Sunscreen – if you’re planning to be out in the elements all day, don’t forget to stock up on sunscreen unless you want to be a hungover beetroot the next day, not a good mix
  • Hat and sunnies – don’t leave home without your festival staple items of a sun hat and shades
  • Fake tan – for some reason a festival seems to end up like a bad-fake-tan-athon, go easy on the fake tan ladies!
  • Tissues – i usually stockpile some tissues in my handbag just in case those evil port-a-loos have run out just when you are in need
  • Ticket – last but not least don’t forget your entry ticket!

Here are five festival outfit suggestions to suit different personalities and styles. Are you a rock chic, more of a floral festival girl or a fan of the traditional cut off denim festival attire? Whichever you are, here are some outfit ideas for you to have your festival ready!

Festival Looks

For more information on these 5 festival outfits, check out Courtney’s post on her Top 5 Outfits to Wear To A Festival.

Creatives by Katelyn Hague, style advice with the help of Sally Dunn. Products shown in the top image as follows: Tank top and shorts from Birdsnest, Sandals from Sugarsole, Arm bracelet from First Sin, Sunglasses, hat and bag from SurfStitch.