What is the Cupid’s Bow Dimple and Why Should I Highlight It

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When you hear about face makeup, the phrase “cupid’s bow” gets thrown around a lot. But what is the cupid’s bow? What’s the cupid’s bow dimple? And, for that matter, why should you highlight it?

What is the cupid’s bow dimple?

The cupid’s bow is the outline of your upper lip, including the two peaks below your nose. It’s called the cupid’s bow because its shape is kind of like the shape of a bow. (A bow for archery. Not the kind of bow you’d put in your hair.)

The cupid’s bow dimple, also called the philtral dimple, is the dimple right above your top lip between your lips and your nose. Here’s a diagram to better illustrate the two:

The depth of your philtral dimple is directly related to how high the peaks of your cupid’s bow are.

Why should I highlight the cupid’s bow dimple?

For the same reason that you highlight your brow bone, cheekbones or the inner corner of your eye: to add dimension and brightness to your face.

Unfortunately, the cupid’s bow dimple is often forgotten.

This picture shows a highlighted cupid’s bow dimple:

When you compare it to the diagram picture, which didn’t have any highlighting, you can see how it added subtle dimension and a slightly dewy look.

How do you highlight the cupid’s bow dimple?

Here’s the easy way to highlight it:

  1. Dab a highlighter, preferably shimmery and sheer, into the dimple.
  2. Smooth it down the length of the dimple to blend it in.


You can use the same highlighter that you used at other key points of your face. Cream and powder both work well for the cupid’s bow dimple. If you don’t have a dedicated highlighter, you can also use a light-colored sheer and shimmery eye shadow, just as long as it’s similar to your skin color.

Now that you know how to do it, test it out next time you put on face makeup. Tell me how it goes!

Check out the best lipstick to highlight your Cupid’s Bow by Lipstick Queen:

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