Top 5 Hair Trends

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Top 5 Hair Trends From Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane

Need some new inspiration for your hairdos? Check out the top 5 hair trends from last week’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, brought to you by ARC Hairdressing and Winebar, the most relaxing hair salon in Brisbane.

1.Faux bobs with light curls

Featured at the Brisbane Arcade Group Show, this is a classy but simple look that will be perfect for a work day, a date night, or anything in-between. First, lightly curl your hair using an iron or curling wand, but don’t forget the heat protector. Try out a Cloud Nine iron from our salon if you’re in the market for a new curling tool that’s both hair and user friendly. Tuck your curls upwards and pin them above the nape of your neck, hidden underneath your new faux bob. Depending on how long your hair is, you may need to do this a few times to achieve the length you want. Style and pin the front of your hair – go for soft, romantic curls or a chic, straight middle part – and finish off with hairspray to make sure the look lasts all day long.

2. Braided bangs

If you’re growing your fringe out or simply want to keep it out of your face, this one is perfect for you. You can pair the braided fringe with your everyday look or an updo, which is the beauty of it all – it goes with anything! Either a regular three strand braid or a fishtail braid will look great, just keep it small and pin it under the rest of your hair. You can keep it sleek and perfect or mess it up a little by teasing the braid out, giving it an effortless appearance.

3. Sideswept waves

Long wavy hair twisted to one side was heavily featured throughout the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival shows. Use a large barrel wand to create big waves and texture in your hair. Make sure you use a heat protection spray – you can visit us in store to view our extensive range of haircare products – and set your waves with a hair spray. Sweep it all over one shoulder, pair it with a side part, and pin any stray pieces down so your hair keeps in place. We also wrote a piece on volume and sideswept curls in June, so check it out here for more tips!

4. Low, messy buns and twists

The high end shows on the final night of the festival saw a lot of casual but chic low hairstyles. Use a volumising powder or spray to add texture to your hair and give it a messy look. Twist large sections of your hair together and pin them at the back of your head, and don’t worry too much if pieces stick out and frame your face – this is the look you want! Keep pinning it back until everything is in place and seal with a hairspray. Also make sure to pack extra bobby pins in your bag in case you need more throughout the day (and we all know half of them will be lost in a matter of minutes anyway, damn those bobby pin stealing elves).

5. Accessories

Last but not least – the accessories. Of course you don’t have to go as wild as Easton Pearson and Emu Designs ladies here (though they do look fantastic!) but definitely take away some inspiration for the upcoming season. Florals are always in for spring, but how about giving the leaves a chance? Leaf-inspired headbands look beautiful and goddess-like on any style of hair. Feathers were heavily featured during the week too, so they should be making a comeback for spring and summer! You can also try brightly coloured pins and ribbons to channel the Fashion Festival vibe.

So what do you think of the top 5 hair trends? What’s your favorite trend from MBFF? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out some other handy hair posts here at Makeup Files: “Easy Peasy Ways To Get Thick and Luscious Hair” and “Hair Myths Busted!

All image credit goes to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane.