The Liner Lowdown

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OK, so we know that the winged eyeliner look is back with a vengeance. We have seen the look on all the European Runways and on our shores at Mercedes Fashion week with a plethora of eye products on the market, so it’s hard to decide which way to turn…Pencil, Liquids or Gels…I have a few favorites that may help the undecided and will give you the pros and cons as your guide! This is the liner lowdown.


Images courtesy of Harlotte and

Images courtesy of Harlotte and

Pencil liner is probably the most known liner in the market.

+ Available in countless colors and textures and it’s remotely easy to use.

+ Most pencils can be also used on waterlines upper and lower

+ Easy to smudge for a sultry sexy look can also be rubbed over eyelid and smudged with finer or brush

– Needs to be sharpened regularly

– Harder to create sharp, thin lines

– Smudges easily, doesn’t necessarily last all day

One of my staple Black Pencils is the Harlotte black Khol pencil to smudge and create a sultry Smokey eye this Black beauty is really versatile….LOVE.

I’m really liking Eye of Hours Eye Pencils at the moment they have a great color range for lining the top and bottom waterlines, its water resistant and is fabulous for Brides or a night out of dancing!

Images courtesy of

Images courtesy of


Liquid liner comes right after pencils in popularity but requires more of a steady hand.

+ Comes in countless colors

+ Different tips so you can use what’s best for you or your desired look

+ Usually long-lasting

+ Precise in creating thin and intense lines

+ Great for more dramatic looks

– Needs steady hands although pen liquids are great

– Not to be used on waterline

– May be harder to remove

Images courtesy of, L'oral SuperLiner & Eye of Hours Liquid Define Eyeliner

Images courtesy of, L’Oreal SuperLiner & Eye of Hours Liquid Define Eyeliner

Images courtesy of

Images courtesy of


Gel liners are my own personal favorites for versatility , longevity and great for precision detail.

+ Large range of colors

+ Usually suitable for waterline

+ Long-lasting (usually waterproof)

+ Sort of combination of pencil and liquid, good for creating whatever line you desire

+ Can be used also as an eye shadow

– Needs a specific brush

– May dry fast in the jar

Images courtesy of

Images courtesy of MAC Fluidlines, Maybelline Eyestudio, &

Images courtesy of

Images courtesy of

So there you have it, a quick easy breakdown of the different Eye Makeup products Available to you so you can join the latest trend and create your perfect desired winged eye look! And for an even more eye catching look team your liner look with a set of strip lashes for the best sets head over to ModelRock lashes who have an endless supply of lashes for all eye types , styles and occasions.

Images courtesy of

Images courtesy of, & OK Magazine

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