The Influence of Celebrities on Fashion Trends

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Cape inspired by Gossip Girl

Thanks to today’s growing media exposure, celebrity culture and its impact on society is on the increase. And fashion is one industry where celebrities call the shots. From Marlyn Munroe’s signature white dress to The Spice Girl’s leopard print, union jack and little black dresses, stars all over the world have been trend setting for years.

With the driving force of the fashion industry primarily being young girls, the media takes full advantage of this to promote celebrity. Girls flick through the pages of Cosmopolitan, Grazia and their favourite fashion magazines soaking up the latest trends styled by the celebrities they most admire. Having your clothing line photographed on the likes of Delta Goodram or Dannii Minogue is a huge marketing advantage.

Thanks to this celebrity influence, gone are the days of sticking to blue jeans. A massive trend growing in popularity is the coloured jean. High profile celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and the Duchess of Cambridge are just a few of the many A-listers rocking the look. And the fashion forward public is hot on their heels. Figures show that sales of brightly coloured jeans rose by 88% after Kate Middleton was pictured wearing coral coloured denim in a UK Newspaper, highlighting just how strong an impact celebrities can have! Jump on the band wagon for this hot look with these Living Doll Saddle and Stitches Legs.

With the fashion industry, the majority of trends that are hot one season are quite often disregarded by the time the next season has arrived. However, there are some that come and claim their territory in the fashion world for good. One of these trends is the black leather pant. From Nicky Hilton to Heidi Klum, celebrities all over the globe are keeping the trend alive by rocking the look at some of the coolest events. Stay on trend with these hot Lonely Hearts leather pants.

One trend that’s really taken off in the celebrity world this winter is faux fur. Eva Longoria was recently pictured at LAX airport wearing a grey Sabine feather faux fur vest instantly giving this trend a head start in the style stakes. Get the look with this Lola vs Harper Fur Vest.

Another trend appearing to sweep the red carpets is with elegant jumpsuits. Often famously fashioned by the likes of Gwen Stefani, these more adventurous red carpet choices are now making an appearance on many other fashion-forward celebs at various glamorous events. Stand out from the crowd at your next big night out and opt for a sophisticated jumpsuit over the safe option of a dress. This Premonition Drape Shoulder Jumpsuit will certainly do the trick.

One of today’s most popular trends is Aztec. The style originates from Mexico, influenced by the tribes. Today it is the celebrities doing the influencing. Modern Aztec trends made their first appearance across catwalks in 2009, and the celebrity world was quick to catch on to the trend, flaunting the Aztec print in the form of skirts, dresses and knitwear. With the likes of Ashley Tilsdale, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna rocking the look, Aztec has become one of 2012 hottest looks. Flaunt the trend with this Aztec print dress.

Celebrities have become advertising tools for many fashion designers, giving them instant exposure; as soon as the snaps have been published, new trends are set. The biggest reason for an influence this strong may be down to celebrities’ sheer confidence and ability to step away from the current trends. Or perhaps it’s the fact that devoted fans, especially among youngsters and teenagers have such admiration for their favourite stars. Either way, without even realising it themselves, celebrities and their influence have enormous trendsetting power among shoppers, paving the way for all the hottest trends!

Written by Katy Macdonald. Images care of Gosh Celebrity Fashion. Shown is the Cover Girl Poncho in the style of Blair Waldorf.