The 90s Fashion Comeback

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The 90s Fashion Comeback 2014

The 90s Fashion Comeback

The 90s was when Friends was the must-see T.V series, and with that Rachel’s hair made headlines, with everyone wanting that layered cut. We also had Empire Records, Nirvana, and the name Alicia Silverstone was hot on everyone’s lips, thanks to Clueless. We know that fashion is cyclical, but who would have thought that the fashions from the 90s would be back and this time bigger and better.

• Laced Up Combat Boots, Desert Boots & Doc Martens

laced up boots doc martens 90s fashion comeback



Grunge was huge in the 90s and with that came the ultra tough chick look with the laced up boots and Doc Martens. These boots are back, mixing comfort with style in a variety of colours and price points. Wear them with your boyfriend jeans, shorts, skirts and even skater dresses.

• Overalls

overalls 90s fashion comeback


We saw them on NSYNC, the rappers wore them and yes, overalls and pinafores are back. Pair them with a crop top or tank top, basically something form fitting while keeping the overalls and pinafores loose and comfy.

• Playsuits & Rompers

playsuit playsuits 90s fashion comeback

Sexy playsuits and rompers have graced the famous celebs and now with summer right on our heels, we’ve got quite a variety to play with. From casual, colourful and printed ones for the day or weekend, right down to the chic and sexy playsuits that come in soft fabrics that you can dress up with some accessories and heels for that night out on the town.

• Skorts

skorts skirt shorts 90s fashion comeback

Gone are the days of the boring straight up skorts. 2013 sees skorts with geometrical cuts, giving this 90s staple a much needed revamp, and an edgier style.


Which of these 90s fashion comebacks will you be sporting this season?