Ten ways to add colour to your winter wardrobe

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At a recent coffee catch-up, a friend shared her excitement at having just purchased a red dress. We both agreed that red was a timeless colour, more interesting than black, and a great winter colour that could be accessorised with neutral or black shoes and accessories. The shops are jam-packed with colour this season, so if you’re in need of a little winter pick-me-up, I highly recommend adding a bit of colour to your winter wardrobe.

Womens clothing winter color

Here’s ten ways to get started…

Here’s ten ways to get started…

  1. Print – There are some amazing prints around this season. With everything from floral to marble and animal print is a great way to add colour to an outfit, break up solid colours (like black) or introduce other colours that you can highlight with carefully chosen accessories, such as earrings, shoes or a handbag. This gorgeous Cooper St dress has a cool wintry name (Arctic Queen) and a divine abstract print and colour palette that works well in winter or summer. Simply team with black tights and patent heels for a glammed-up winter night out.
  2. Bold head-to-toe colour – Make a statement with a show-stopping garment, like this Mesh Panel Maxi Dress from Lumier. I’m the first to admit that this style isn’t for everyone (including me). But if you’re tall and have great shoulders, this dress is a knock-out, and the paneling has a super slimming effect.
  3. Footwear – There are some gorgeous shoes around this season, but I couldn’t go past these Edinborough Gumboots. Jumping in puddles has never been so glamorous!
  4. Jewellery – This simple Oslo Doughnut Bead Necklace from tiny and i is a simple way of adding a bit of colour to any outfit – this is a really versatile colour combo. The beauty of these beads is that they are 100% silicone and BPA free with a breakaway clasp that will open if pulled hard, so they are perfect for mums with young bubs who are attracted to brightly coloured necklaces!
  5. Colour-blocking – Colour is more striking when it’s teamed with contrasting colours, like this Metalicus Haven Dress. This teal colour is a very wearable shade and the black panels have been strategically placed to maximise the slimming effect.
  6. Lingerie – We often focus so much on the outer layers that we forget what’s underneath – especially in winter when there’s less of a chance of catching a glimpse our undergarments through a sheer blouse or a rogue bra strap. The truth is, if we feel good (comfortable, supported and sexy) from the bottom layer up, it shows in our confidence and the way we hold ourselves. Don’t skimp on good underwear. ‘Good’ doesn’t have to mean expensive. Focus on a good fit (get fitted by a professional if you’re not sure) and beautiful fabrics that feel great against your skin. This Bendon Yvette Nouveau set features a gorgeous print on a soft microfibre fabric.
  7. Bag – This Botany Collection shopping bag is a delight to pull out of your handbag to pack your groceries in on a rainy winter day. The bright print reminds us that spring’s not too far away…
  8. Scarf – What would a winter outfit be without a gorgeous scarf to complete the look? You could be wearing all black and this Bellucci Collection scarf would lift your whole outfit. However, I love the idea of also accessorising with a pair of cobalt shoes or a hot pink bag to match the vibrant colours in this scarf. The voile-like fabric of this scarf also means that it’s light enough to be worn during the warmer months.
  9. Gloves – A beautiful pair of leather gloves never go astray on frosty winter mornings or chilly evenings, especially if they’re in a vibrant hue like these Manzoni gloves.
  10. Jacket – Grab a statement jacket like this Esprit Collection Soft Structure Coat to throw over any outfit this winter. This jacket is such a hero piece that it won’t really matter what you wear beneath it – no one will notice!