Television Makeup with Alisia Ristevski

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Television Makeup with Alisia Ristevski

A successful film and television makeup artist in her own right and founder of AB Pro Lab in Melbourne, Antoinette Bekos talked about the latest television makeup with Alisia Ristevski, Head of Hair & Makeup at Channel 10.

1. What is your favourite trend in make up and hair at the moment?

My favourite trend at the moment with makeup is a smoky brown eyeliner with lots of mascara. It’s sexy and pretty with a sultry look. It can be worn during the day and taken through to the evening. My favourite hair trend is the long bob, wearing it tussled and slightly textured.

Images courtesy of Juju Sintu and

Images courtesy of Juju Sintu and

2. What are a few of your favourite products and why?

This one is easy. I am in love with Eleven and Kevin Murphy products at the moment and my top three are:

‘Give Me Hold’ hair spray – it’s my favourite hairspray because it isn’t too sticky. If I need to brush it out of a hair style or have it hold when I need it to, it does both beautifully.

‘Texture Master’ from Kevin Murphy is another favourite of mine. It’s a light weight texture volume spray and handy to have in your kit because it can be used in so many ways. Great to use on men’s styling as well when you just want to spray in the product to hold the style.

Images courtesy of Kevin Murphy

Images courtesy of Kevin Murphy

“Powder Puff’ is my smallest favourite product. It’s like magic volume dust for the client who needs a bit of root lift. I love using this on my bridal party clients because it is a product that lasts all day and can be easily re-activated. It’s great for up-do’s and creating lots and lots of volume.

3. How does the everyday woman achieve a presenters look?

If you want a polished presenters look it is easily achievable by following a few rules. First, keep the look very simple; less is more. For hair, keeping it straight and smooth by using a GHD or a nice round brush blow-wave and using ‘Give Me Hold’ Hairspray to hold in the look.

4. What are two or three key differences in applying day makeup and applying makeup for the camera?

Applying day makeup is very different from the makeup you would have for the camera. Day makeup is fresh and light for example, keeping the eye light and bright. Make up for the camera is slightly heavier with no shimmer.

Images courtesy of (tlhs),(trhs), (blhs), (brhs),

Images courtesy of (tlhs),(trhs), (blhs), (brhs),

5. Are there any makeup products to avoid when going on camera?

One main product to avoid when going on TV would be the dreaded shimmer! Anything with a shimmer or shine on it is a lighting director’s worst nightmare. We avoid shimmer as it can make the on-air talent look sweaty. No amount of blot powder can de-shine a shimmer product. Of course now with HD it is nice to have the skin look like skin and not too matt, so we are very careful where we highlight the skin to make it look dewy and not sweaty.

6. How has TV makeup changed?

I have been in TV for 8 years and it has changed a lot since I started. The makeup we can do now is more modern and natural. The real difference, I have noticed, is that the amount of makeup we use these days has reduced significantly. Now with HD TV it has allowed us to make the talent look real and more natural. That’s compared to 15-20 years ago where more makeup was considered better. Which now is so important, because with social media our work is being critiqued more often by the viewer at home.


Hair & Makeup by Alisia Ristevski

7. Has high-definition or digital TV effected the way you now do make up?

HD TV and digital TV have definitely changed the way we do make up for television. First of all, we have all changed makeup products. When I started in TV they were using heavy concealer and foundations that stage performers would use. Now we are using makeup that is better quality and people at home can use it. However with HD and digital every flaw and every strand of hair is noticed, so the key is to make everything look perfect and natural at the same time. With great difficulty we do this every night.

8. Why do you love working in TV?

Well, I think as much as I love being a hairdresser and a makeup artist, I love being a part of something bigger. My first day when I walked into GTV Nine Richmond, it had something about it that made me feel I was immediately a part of television history. I love working on live TV, I find the rush and the thrill exciting. I find it very cool that I’m not just working with my amazing makeup friends but the whole crew work together in putting a show to air, and successfully at that.

Images courtesy of, BAFTA Awards, and The Good Wife (Juliana Margulies)

Images courtesy of, BAFTA Awards, and The Good Wife (Juliana Margulies)

9. Who’s your favourite person you’ve worked with or show? Why?

I don’t have a favourite person that I have worked for or with or a particular show as they are all experiences to me. However if I did choose one of those experiences it would be the fact I have made some amazing girlfriends through my career that have become lifelong friends.

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