Summer Essentials

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Summer is my favourite time of year by far.  It’s the time when everyone comes out of their winter hibernation, desperate to be outdoors soaking up the summer sun.

We head to barbeques, picnics, the beach, the pool, or out for cocktails to socialise with friends.

If we’re lucky we’ll head away for a summer holiday and lay on the beach or relax by the pool and relish in the delicious summer sun.

We trade our blazers and scarves for strapless summer dresses and bikinis. We kick off our boots and slip on some summer sandals. We ditch our big black handbag in favour of a bright beach bag stuffed with sunscreen,  our favourite book and a towel.

Summer is the time when people are at their happiest, foods are at their yummiest (seafood, summer fruits and salads), and everyone seems content to enjoy the simple things in life.

We paint our toenails as bright as we possibly can, embrace the just been to Bondi “beach hair”, and try endlessly to perfect our fake tan.

Whatever you plan to do this summer, don’t forget your summer essentials:

Beach Essentials

Our Aussie sun is grand but it’s also harsh, so you shouldn’t leave home without a hat. The Billabong Crystal Panama Hat gives you protection and a cool edge at the same time.

Along with the hat, don’t forget your sunglasses or you will be squinting your way into a million fine lines, not to mention hurting your eyes. The Roxy Wonderland Sunglasses in Tort, $159.99 will help protect and style you…

If you’re off for a swim or some pool time, don’t forget your swimmers. If you’re looking for a bikini, look for a pair that you can buy in separates so you can choose your sizing per piece. We like the Capriosca Retro Check Bustier Bikini Top in Blue $55, and the Capriosca Swimwear Retro Check Basic Pant in Blue, $35.

Dress up your summer look with some bright colourful fun accessories, such as the Mexicana Tassel Necklace in Aqua, $40.00, or the La Rambla SQ Puzzle Bangle in Mineral, $30.00, or the Tradewind Diamond Stripe Earrings, $22,  all from Ruby Olive.

Summer clothes should be light and comfortable. A great summer clothing staple is a luxurious cotton shirt that you can easily throw over bathers and head to the beach.The All For Kat Coco Summer White Shirt, $149, or the Eb & Ive Capri Kaftan in Midnight Blue, $79.95, which could easily take you from beach to bar and tick all the boxes,  both from Sequins and Sand.

Summer is such a great opportunity to let your poor little footsies breathe. They have been locked away in boots, heels and flats all winter and are dying to get out. Your summer footwear staples are a pair of strappy sandals and a pair of thongs.  We like the Urge Florida Sandal – Lime  $99.95, or the Havaianas Slim Metal Logo Thong – Navy Blue Acqua Gold, $39.95.

Once you have everything ready, grab your summer (beach) bag and you’re all set. We like the Tigerlily Abbaca Bag, $99.95.

What does summer mean to you, and what’s your favourite summer essential?

Creative by Hayley Orbell.