Style Icon Nicole Richie – Keeps it Simple and Stylish

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Style Icon Nicole Richie – Keeps it Simple and Stylish

style icon nicole richie simple stylish fashion style key look

Style Icon Nicole Richie

When I think of style icons many names comes to mind- Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss and Olivia Palermo to name just a few. What makes them style icons in my mind is the fact that they seem to have a knack of pulling together an outfit like no ones business. And I don’t mean for red carpet events where they have access to a gazillion stylists and make up artists. No, what I love more than anything is street style. I love seeing what women choose to wear on a daily basis while running their errands, dropping off kids at school or just walking their dogs. The outfits they manage to pull together without the help of stylists is really what sets them apart and makes them style icons. We all have different views on what looks great and what doesn’t. Which is why some people consider Miley Cyrus a style icon and the rest of us remember to put pants on when we leave the house.

I’m drawn to a casual yet polished look with a slight edge. I love the typical LA look of faded jeans, a white tee and a sharp blazer. Or a trucker hat teamed with cool kicks and sweat pants. Which is why Nicole Richie is one of my modern day style icons. No one says LA chick quite like Ms. Richie. Mother of 2, fashion designer and wife to rockstar Joel Madden she encompasses modern boho LA perfectly. Every photo I’ve seen of her post The Simple Life has been perfection. (The Simple Life was a reality show she did with her then BFF Paris Hilton about two rich girls thrown into country life. Yes, it was as boring as it sounds.) Nicole Richie (daughter of Lionel Hello Richie) really has had an ugly duckling transformation like no other. I present Exhibit A:

style icon nicole richie before 1

The photo on the left shows Nicole before she learnt to dress herself. Clearly her style icon was Christina Aguilera circa Dirrrrty! The fake two toned hair, the bad outfits and unflattering make up are all a thing of the past.

Style Icon – Nicole Richie

Nicole said bye-bye to Paris Hilton and the Simple Life and hello to Rachel Zoe (uber stylist to the stars) and becoming a future style icon. Rachel has been credited with single handedly transforming Ms. Richie into one of the best dressed women in Hollywood. She now has a style that is coveted by fashionistas all around the world. Especially her hair. Did you know that her fringe is one of the most frequently requested styles from hairdressers? Everyone wants the Nicole Richie fringe, myself included- she’s my hair inspiration, I won’t lie.

style icon nicole richie top knot hair style .jpg__550×759_

style icon nicole richie 60s hair style.jpg__1205×1221_

Here are some of my favourite Nicole Richie street style looks. What I particularly love is how accessible and adaptable her look is. Using items you probably already have in your wardrobe you too can replicate some of her outfits.

style icon nicole richie fur coat


style icon nicole richie fashion  saint laurant

style icon nicole richie key looks hat.jpg__533×722_

style icon nicole-richie-jeans-leather-jacket

There’s a common theme throughout Nicole Richie’s style- big sunglasses, large handbags, boy style jeans and fresh faced make up. She looks put together but not like she’s tried too hard. And from one mum to another I love having a style icon to draw inspiration from for those early morning school runs and play dates.

Who’s your fashion icon? Do you favour one particular style over another?