Spring Pickings, A Guide to Finding Your Signature Floral Scent.

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Spring Pickings, A Guide to Finding Your Signature Floral Scent.

I’m a big believer in a signature scent but I do also love the chance to mix up my fragrances, and spring represents the perfect opportunity to do this! Spring conjures fresh flowers, fruit and warmth in my mind so these three key ingredients are what I look for when hunting for a spring scent.

The first thing you need to know about fragrances is they are compromised of three layers of notes, and it’s near impossible to know you have found your ‘scent’ within 5 minutes of spritzing your skin. So the first step in finding your signature is taking the 24 hour test. If you want to wear this fragrance every day, you will definitely want to make sure you love the scent after 10 seconds, 10 minutes and 10 hours!

The theory behind the 24 hour test is that as the scent dries different notes will come through. What may have started as a light floral or fruity fragrance on first application will evolve into something deeper as the heart of the fragrance comes through and equally, the base notes develop and respond with the temperature and scent of your own skin over time too. Sometimes even the fragrances you dislike in their first twenty seconds can evolve into the one that you truly love so it is worth giving them a chance.

Floral Scents Choosing a new fragrance

Gucci Flora Marc Jacobs Lola DKNY Be Delicious Chanel Chance Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One Image Map

The second step is finding your ideal floral. But you do have to remember there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of flowers out there and not all floral fragrances are necessarily going to leave you reeking of a big bouquet of daisies or roses (unless you want to!). Having worked in the fragrance industry I am well aware that a floral scent is not for everyone and can be perceived as too girly, too sweet or too flowery.

A good floral fragrance comes down to the perfumers choice of notes and their composition, if you take the time to test some floral fragrances and do your research before you buy, you will notice the olfactory of a floral fragrance can actually include a mix of ‘non-floral’ notes from musk, vanilla, amber and patchouli to pink pepper, sandalwood and mandarin orange. A floral fragrance is a lot more than its signature note!

So before you say ‘no to floral’ think about your favourite aroma’s, the notes you love to catch when walking through the garden, bush, seaside or in the perfume section of a department stores and put them down on paper. Smell is one of our strongest senses and even though you might not have considered yourself as a ‘floral’ type you are likely to find the perfect key scent may very well have been under your nose the whole time!

Now to help you get started on your spring fragrance journey, here are some classic scents available on ry.com.au

  • Gucci Flora EDT 50ml $80.19
    The Notes: Mandarin Orange, Citrus Accord, Peony, Rose, Osmanthus Flower, Pink Pepper, Sandalwood.
  • Marc Jacobs Lola EDP 50ml $71.28
    The Notes: Pink Pepper, Pear, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Peony, Rose, Geranium, Vanilla, Creamy Musk and Tonka Bean.
  • Donna Karan Be Delicious EDP 100ml $75.00
    The Notes: American Apple, Cucumber, Grapefruit Combined with Candid Magnolia, Tuberose, White Muguet, Violet, Sandalwood, Tender Skin Accor, Blonde Woods and White Amber
  • Chanel Chance EDT 100ml $167.99
    The Notes: Pink Pepper, Lemon and Pine Apple, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Iris, Amber, Patchouli, Vetiver and White Musk.
  • Dolce and Gabbana Rose The One EDP 75ml $87.99
    The Notes Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin and Cassis, Peony, Lily, Lychee and Bulgarian rose, Vanilla, Musk and Amber Base.

Hollie is a lifestyle publicist who loves all things beauty, fashion and style. She has worked in beauty PR and events in Sydney and London, and is currently residing on the sunny Gold Coast.  

Post by Hollie Smith. Graphics by Katelyn Hague.