Scents and Sensibility : Latest Ways to Smell GREAT!

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The sense of smell is the most primal and evocative of all our senses, so no wonder the perfume industry is worth billions of dollars. As women, we want to ‘smell nice’ and we want our men to smell nice too. So with a dash of scents and sensibility, here are some suggestions for how to smell great this season.

Surrounding yourself with beautiful fragrances comes in many forms including perfume, bath oil, fresh flowers, scented candles, and hand & body cream. There are always new and gorgeous products available and sometimes it’s just hard to choose. So I’ve done the hard work for you. Here are some of my fave picks for beautiful fragrances this season.


There’s an old marketing adage that says “If you give them a choice you give them a problem” so choosing perfume can be a BIG headache. I have favourite perfumes that I always buy – Yes, YSL ‘Paris’ & YSL ‘Elle’ & Ralph Lauren ‘Romantic’ I’m talking to you. But I also like to buy two or three new fragrances each year to keep in touch with what’s fresh and new. I tend to go for Aldehydic fragrances, such as Chanel No.5; florals, such as YSL Paris; and Chypre perfumes with more than a hint of Patchouli, such as Dioressence by Dior or Vetiver by Roja Dove. So I do look for scents that are similar to the ones I already like.

But sometimes I’ll find something different that I also like; but they tend to fall into the Aldehydic, Floral or Chypre categories. So when it comes to scents and sensibility, what am I crushing on in 2014? I’m glad you asked.

scents-and-sensibility scents-and-sensibility scents-and-sensibility

Fresh flowers

For many flowers, the genes governing scent are closely linked to the genes controlling vase life. This means flowers that last longer when cut, tend to have less fragrance. That’s just the way the genes work. You can have one or the other – smell, or long life.

White flowers tend to have a scent, generally; and a white version of a flower will usually smell stronger than the same flower in another colour. That’s interesting information from the Australian Flower Industry, right? So which flowers are the most fragrant and therefore may be best for your home? (assuming you are not allergic or suffer hayfever).


My favourite garden and cut flowers are Lilies. Oriental and ‘longiflorum’ lillies have an intense perfume and will last a long time after being cut. We have lots of Hyacinths in our garden and I love their variant violet colours. These and Jonquils have a strong & sweet Spring scent. I love that our pergola is covered in sweet smelling Jasmine. I know it can be too heady and strong for many people, but I adore the scent. Popular in wedding bouquets, if you like Jasmine you may also like the rich & seductive fragrance of Stephanotis and Gardenia.

In a recent Australian Flower Industry on-line survey, a whopping 30% of respondents chose the elegantly scented Freesia as their favourite flower. Second popular was Sweet Pea with 12%, with Roses and Lillies third each with 11%.

If you like a zingy, lemony smell then crush the foliage on Waxflower and Leptospermum and use as pot pourri. And you can’t go wrong with the relaxing fragrance of Lavender. Gaining popularity in bouquets are MintOregano and Rosemary so consider adding sprigs to your floral display.

Villeroy & Boch have released a beautiful range of vases in organic shapes and vibrant colours. They are just perfect for any floral arrangement whilst adding gracious French design to your home.

Creams & Bath Oils

You may have seen the article on Sydney-based designer, Renae James and her Papinelle label recently here on Makeup Files. Papinelle designs feminine, floral sleepwear and accessories. They also have boudoir-worthy bath oils and hand & body lotions in delicious fragrances, beautifully packaged of course.

Scented Candles

I am obsessed with scented candles to the point my partner thinks I’m going to burn the house down; talk about scents and sensibility. That said, I don’t stop buying them and using them. Two Australian brands I can recommend offer completely different scents & packaging but both are absolutely delicious and will provide you with beautiful home fragrances that really last.

Check out Maison Blanche and Murphy & Daughters now to see what else they have to enhance your home an boudoir.

You and your home can smell anyway you want with all these beautiful fragrances; the toughest part will be choosing. So whether you decide to keep these ideas for yourself or give as wonderful Christmas gifts, it’s a win: win.

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