Rings – Women’s Jewellery

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Women's Jewellery Rings

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there has been an obvious move, away from big statement rings, to finer, more delicate,  feminine rings.  So rather than wearing one or two chunky, bold rings, you now wear lots of finer rings, sometimes one on each finger, on both hands!

Popular styles include heart shaped rings, rings with numbers, letters or even cute little signet rings.

Wear one, two or a few, or create a whole ‘ring stack’ or ‘finger party’ (see recent post on how to also create an arm party!) with loads of rings.

I think every piece of jewellery has a time and place and I personally think these finer rings are excellent for daywear, nightwear – maybe not so much? Of course that is totally up to you!

Here are few rings of the finer variety, for all budgets:

  1. Grace + Scarper – Number Rings $79.00
  2. ASOS Multipack Good Bad Engagement rings $9.85
  3. Grace + Scarper – Silver Abstract Heart Ring $79.00
  4. Sue Sensi Truly Believe ring $77.00
  5. Spiralling Out of Control Ring $19.95
  6. Heart shaped ring $12.95
  7. Limited Edition Ring Multipak Moustache & Glasses $13.14
  8. Gold love-sing-dance-live rings $24.00 avail in gold and silver
  9. House of Harlow 1960 – Talon Crystal Ring $69.00
  10. Laura Lee Exclusive to ASOS Set of Three Rings $156.02

Main image from instagram of my favourite blogger @sincerelyjules rocking some fine rings!