New Bespoque Skincare Launched

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Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be invited to see the new Bespoque Skincare launched at The Atrium in The Grounds of Alexandria. It was not only beautiful but an extremely informative morning with the release of such an innovation in the customisation of skin care. A global first, Bespoque allows each customer to create their own tailor-made skincare product based on their personal preferences to address their specific concerns.


The room was decked with flowers and greenery and the breakfast was actually customised to each guest, which I think was a play on the way Bespoque skincare is customised to your individual skin concerns. Before we attended we were asked to select a favourite flavour, style and sensation and our breakfast/goodies pack was customised for us according to our preferences.


Bespoque skincare works in quite the same way. We were encouraged to head to the touch screens positioned around the room and navigated our way around our preferences; from the colour of the label to the name of the product, the texture, smell, and of course ingredients via the selection of our personal skin concerns.


I wanted to suss out every possible combination but as I soon worked out, there are nearly half a million different combinations of the above preferences. What’s great is that once you pick your primary skin concerns, other concerns that include ingredients that are not compatible disappear off the selection screen to ensure you are making a product that actually makes sense.


What I did work out is that no matter what concerns you would like addressed, prices start at $36.95 and the most this tailor-made cream will ever cost you is $69.95. And if you’re worried about how active the cream is, I asked the team at Polkadot PR to send me through my ingredients list. Brilliant.


I’m not too sure about the high content of mineral oil as this is a well known occludent and although it traps in moisture, its not meant to be good for your skin with frequent use. Other than that, I’m pleased to see minimal preservatives, and plenty of ingredients that reflect my selected skin concerns like Vitamin C, Arnica, Vitamin E, Red Algae, and Hyaluronic Acid.


So far, so good! The consistency is great for oily skin and I find it keeps my skin from feeling tight or uncomfortable after cleansing. As for the skin-tone evening properties and the oil controlling benefits, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Here is my tailor-made skincare called Miss Katyins (of course);

Have you created your own skincare? What do you think of having a bespoke opportunity to create your own personalised skincare? For more stories on skincare check out how to have a luxury facial at home and stealing skincare from your baby.