Love Xada Jewellery

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Love Xada Jewellery

If you haven’t heard of the desirable new range of Xada Jewellery then do yourself a favour and check it out. Melbourne based designer, Louise Ambry, is a self confessed jewellery addict creating bespoke, handmade accessories from semi-precious stones.

Since 2011, Louise has personally designed and produced every piece in  her growing range. Living in Melbourne, she draws inspiration from the people and the city she loves; the colours, the textures, the style. Louise combines unique colours and textures which are translated into semi-precious stone beads that pop through to gorgeous leather tassels.

Personally, I love the Xada Jewellery range and wear my pieces often. They are fashionably flexible enough to be worn with everything from jeans and a T-shirt to a silk blouse and leather skirt. The pieces are all handcrafted, well-made and beautifully finished with quality clasps and silver adornments.

Support a local crafts-person AND add unique and high quality jewellery to your collection. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Follow Xada Jewellery on Facebook or visit Louise’s website