Killer High Heels for Fashionable Feet

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I’m a shoe girl, and love killer high heels for fashionable feet. When I was growing up, my mother had a respectable eight or nine pairs of shoes. I know, right? WTF. I have 50 pairs of shoes and that’s only because I cull regularly; otherwise my shoe wardrobe would look like a colourful mouse plague.

When you take into consideration all the shoes one needs, never mind about the shoes one WANTS, the numbers start to stack up. Flats – summer sandals, sensible boots, cowboy boots, ballet flats, loafers, espadrilles, sneakers – and often more than one pair in each category because it depends on whether you’re wearing skinny jeans, capri pants, peddle-pushers, long skirt, short skirt, shorts, boot cut jeans or exercise gear. Or going to a BBQ, the beach, shopping, to work, walking the dog, etc. So that takes care of quite a few pairs.

And then there’s heels – high heels, kitten, stiletto, wedge, stacked, cuban, slingback, pumps, open-toe, ankle boots, knee-high boots, bejewelled, leather, fabric, lace, patent….the list is endless. Killer high heels for fashionable feet include work shoes, party shoes, play shoes, weekend shoes, sensible shoes, fitness shoes and, of course, the kind in which you can only stagger from the limousine to the restaurant.

Thank your Manolos for shoe designers. And thank you for Mary-Kyri Pallaras, an Australian shoe designer who loves, and designs, killer high heels. And it’s not only me who says so. Adelaide-based and globally coveted by shoe lovers including Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue, Theresa Palmer, Lara Bingle, Delta Goodrem, Megan Washington and Havana Brown. Not to mention, the queens of killer high heels, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Pussy Cat Doll Ashley Roberts.

Mary-Kyri has a solid background in fashion design and merchandising including work with Wayne Cooper and R M. Williams brands. Her foray into shoe design saw her negotiating with luxury Italian shoe manufacturers who thought she should just get married and have babies. The underlying narrative being that she was too pretty to be in business; leave it to the boys.

That didn’t happen. And aren’t we lovers of killer high heels grateful!

Killer high heels for truly fashionable feet but also shoes that are beautifully made, unbelievably comfortable and elegant to the very last step. Mary-Kyri shoes are not mass produced and they are all made in Italy from the finest leathers. Mary-Kyri adds beautiful embellishments including feathers, chains, lace, and jewels. And you can buy now from Mary-Kyri online. And PSSSTT – there’s a sale on now too!!

Head on over to Mary-Kyri Online for amazing shoes you WON’T see everywhere. Tell us which shoes are your favourite? And…how many shoes DO you own? Let us know…it’ll be our little secret.