How To: Perfect Your Makeup This NYE

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Makeup for New Years Eve 2012

With the silly season almost over, there is one last party to be had for 2012. Here are some of my best tips to keep your face looking fabulous as we see in 2013.

Long Lasting Foundation – there is nothing worse than applying your make-up only to see it melt away within an hour or two. Here are some little tips to keep your complexion looking flawless for longer.

  1. Use a primer (I like Laura Mercier Foundation Primer $45) to prepare your face, a primer is essentially a base coat before we begin painting and helps to create a flawless appearance.
  2. Choose a foundation that is suitable to your skin type, for example if you have oily skin choose an oil free foundation.
  3. Use a brush (Gorgeous Cosmetics have an excellent range) or a sponge when applying your foundation, and only apply over the areas you actually need coverage – excessive amounts of foundation does not equal longer coverage.
  4. Apply a small amount of concealer to hide any blemishes that are still noticeable after applying foundation.
  5. Use a finishing or translucent powder (like Youngblood Mineral Rice Pressed Setting Powder $46.75) to set the foundation, this helps to set the foundation and prevent it from running in the heat! Fabulously flawless complexion is now complete!

The Sexy Smokey Eye – I love a smokey eye, it’s the perfect party make-up and can be done as dramatic as you like!

  1. Apply a small amount of concealer over the eyelid to create a base for the shadows.
  2. Groom the brows, filling them in with a brow pencil and brushing to the shape you desire.
  3. Select three different shades of shadows – The Benefit Smokin’ Eyes Palette $68 is perfect for this!
  4. Dust the lightest shade under the brows, and the darkest shade over the eyelid, and softly below the lower lashes from the inner eye to the outer eye.
  5. Use the middle shade to lightly blend the two together.
  6. Apply a thin line of eyeliner (try Bare Minerals Big & Black Eyeliner $21.95) around the entire eye and use a cotton stick to slightly smudge.
  7. Curl your lashes and apply your mascara (Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara $65.00 is fantastic for enhancing lashes). Sexy smokey eyes? Check!

Naughty Nude Lips – as much as I love colour on the lips when there is champagne to be drunk and a long night of partying to be had, a nude lip is a lot more practical and easier to maintain!

  1. Apply a primer to the lips (like NP Set Lip Primer $20.24) to create an even base for lipstick application.
  2. Fill the lips in with a liner that matches the shade of lipstick you have chosen, my favourites are Becca Nude Liner Pencil $42 and Clarins Joli Rouge Simply Nude $37.80 .
  3.  For a soft nude lip, apply the lipstick with your finger or a cotton tip so that is has a natural stain appearance.
  4. Use the liner to define your cupid’s bow and pat a tiny amount of clear gloss to the lower lip. Voila, your naught nude lips are ready to go!

Hollie is a lifestyle publicist who loves all things beauty, fashion and style. She has worked in beauty PR and events in Sydney and London, and is currently residing on the sunny Gold Coast.

Creative by Katelyn Hague.