How to flatter or disguise fuller upper arms

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s we approach the summer season, we start to see the sleeveless and short-sleeved styles we would like to wear. However, as much as we wish to have toned, slim top arms like Michelle Obama or some other famous personality, the reality is we don’t have a magic wand, but what we do have is some magic tricks that you can “put up your sleeve”, so-to-speak!

The illusion is to disguise these body variations that we are not happy with, so others don’t notice them and we feel less self-conscious about them while still appearing stylish! First let’s talk about what styles to avoid wearing if you are unhappy with the tops of your arms.

What styles to avoid:
  • The worst mistake to make when you have fuller upper arms is by wearing a short tight sleeve that cuts right across at the widest part of your top arm.
  • A fitted capped sleeve, a puff sleeve, a sleeveless top, singlet top or halter-neck style.
  • A fitted sleeve in wide stripes or with trim on the sleeve at your widest arm point.
  • Any glittery/sequined/shiny or bright contrast sleeves that draw attention to your upper arm.
The exception with this is when you can wear a shrug with the cutaway, tanktop, or spaghetti strap styles to disguise your upper arms.

What styles to wear instead:

  • Wear a three quarter length sleeve, a. where it ends on the slimmest part of the arm, or a long sleeve; it gives the illusion of your arm appearing slimmer.
  • A fuller fluted sleeve such as a bell sleeve is more flattering & comfortable to wear like styles b,c, & d.
  • Use busy patterns as in styles e. & f. to distract the eye with their designs.
  • Wear some “wild bling” rings or bangles to draw attention down the arm.
  • Have a focus feature somewhere else on the top or dress to distract attention away from your arms such as styles g. & h.
  • If you have a sleeveless style that you can’t part with, team it up with a matching shrug or bolero cardie to get the wear out of it.

If you follow these tips then you will feel fully “armed” to face any summer day where short sleeves or cool sleeves are necessary to enjoy the sunshine!

If you’ve found this post helpful, and there are other body variations that you would like some style solutions for, just ask in the comments below or send me an email.

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