How to Fit Your Bra Correctly

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How to fit your bra correctly Measure_band_size_for_bra_fit

How to fit your bra correctly

In my teenage years I worked holidays at a family friend’s lingerie shop. For pimply teenager with barely any boobs it was an eye opening experience. Apart from learning to spot a VPL at a hundred metres I also learnt the value of a well fit bra. When bras go bad it can mean constant pain and discomfort for the wearer, not to mention the strange bulges that can ruin the nicest of outfits. For an item of clothing that most women wear everyday we can be quite blasé about getting them fitted properly. In fact up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. So here’s a guide to know whether your bra fits and how to find your perfect size.

8 signs your bra doesn’t fit

You’ve heard of the four signs of the apocalypse? Well these are the eight signs of the brapocalypse. If any of these sound like you, then you need to reconsider your bra fitting.

1. Does the centre (between your boobs) not touch your skin?

2. Does the bra cause back fat?

3. Do you have armpit boob?

4. Are the straps cutting in to your body?

5. Are the straps falling down?

6. Do your breasts spill over the cup?

7. Is the cup baggy?

8. Do you have a uni-boob?

Finding your size

Thankfully finding your correct bra size is easy. Get a tape measure and be honest about the measurements.

Step 1 – Find your body size

First, find your body size. Measure your chest, just under your breasts. This will give you your body size. For instance, if you are 73cm, then you are a size 12. See the chart below for measurements.

Step 2 – Find your cup size

The next step is to get your cup size. Measure around your chest, across the widest part of your breasts. Use this number to find your cup size on the chart below. For instance, if I was 92 cm around the widest part of my breasts, I would be a cup size C.

Step 3 – Fit it

Once you’ve selected your bra size there’s a few more things to do to make sure it’s fitted correctly.

1. Ensure the straps are firm, but not cutting into you.

2. Ensure the bra is sitting evenly around your body. The back should not be higher than the front. If it is, loosen the straps.

3. The centre panel should be flush against your skin.

how to fit a bra properly bra size chart

If your bra still does not feel right it could be that you need a slightly different size. Many people don’t realise that a size 10 C is similar to a size 12 B. If you go up a cup size, go down a body size and vice versa. Try the sizes either side of your measurements and see if this makes a difference.

If all else fails, ask a professional! Most good bra shops offer free measuring services.

Jennifer Chandler is a full-time Mum, part-time copywriter and part-time clothing shop owner. She is not trying to be the world’s best Mum, just the best Mum she can be.