How to avoid the “Muffin Top”

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Oh the “muffin top”, it sounds like something delicious but we all know it’s something we want to avoid. A muffin top has really only become an issue or even a term that we use just in the last few years, when a body-roll (and I’m not talking about a fancy gymnast move here), spills over the top of our jeans. To be honest it’s something that I have noticed more on the younger age group in their 20’s and 30’s where they don’t seem to mind it being obvious, which of course is not a bad thing. But the reason we have seen the rise of the muffin top more is because of the of the low rise cut of fashion jeans.

Tips on how to avoid the “Muffin spill over”!

  • Wear a higher cut jean, ie: a “Classic” or “Regular” cut especially with a wider waist band.
  • Ensure your jeans are not too tight around your waist area.

1. Levi Deim blue torch jean $100, 2. Tummy trimmer slim straight jean $70, 3. Slim boyfriend crop jean $139

  • Wear a foundation garment underneath that smooths you from the waist down or one from under the bust down to the hip. Like these spanx pants here. If you have no waist like me you need it as high as these otherwise it spills over at a higher point. the great point about the pants is they don’t roll down when you sit down. Or wear a tank top/camisole with a mid- waist control panel like the yummy mummy tank or the Spanz thinstincts tank which is much lighter but still may be enough smoothing for your shape.

  • Wear a longer top that covers over the waistband.
  • Wear a top that doesn’t cling to your tummy area but rather skims over such as a peplum style.
  • Wear a top with ruching in the lower part which can disguise that muffin spillage
  • Wear an empire line top that fits under the bust line but gently flares out over the tummy area.
  • A top that is patterned is less obvious to what’s underneath then a plain colour.

  1. Longer fathom top from Wish $109,
  2. Pleat neck sleevless top from Jigsaw, $169
  3. Bardot floral scuba peplum top $90,
  4. Ruched Tees sweats $29,
  5. Empire line mixed print camisole $50
The one good piece of news I can offer you is that because we have literally reached the lowest level that jeans can now sit, the only way forward for manufacturers is go back up, which has been happening and continues to rise with new styles.