HELP!! How do I clean my makeup brushes?

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Cleaning your makeup brushes

Daily spot cleaning can be done using a makeup brush cleanser solution and soft tissue.

  1. Add a small amount of commercially prepared brush cleanser to a tissue
  2. Gently wipe the bristles back and forth until they are clean.
  3. If you’re sharing the brushes or using on multiple people, after spot cleaning I also like to spray them with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to instantly kill any germs.

When spot cleaning drying instantly isn’t an issue because most commercial purchased brush cleaner and 99% Isopropyl Alcohol is super-fast.

Cleaners I love are…

  • Mac Brush Cleanser $20.00 233ml
    This one product will clean, disinfect and condition the brush fibres so that brushes will last longer. It is convenient to use and is specifically designed to extend the life of high quality brushes. Brush Cleanser leaves your brushes smelling fresh and clean and helps shorten their drying time.
  • Jane Iredale – Botanical Brush Cleaner, 118ml/4oz, $17.20
    This cleaner removes buildup of grime, makeup & oil Keeps brushes soft, pure to optimize performance & durability Reduces risk of brush-related breakouts & irritation Made with the finest natural ingredients Suitable for natural & synthetic makeup brushes
  • Beauty So Clean Brush Cleanser $27.99
    Formulated with natural ingredients, Conditioning Brush Cleanser is a super-efficient yet gentle makeup brush cleanser that quickly dissolves all makeup residue while leaving your brushes fresh, clean and soft.

Deep cleaning your makeup brushes is essential for longevity of the brush life and to remove build-up of water proof makeup products (gel liner and colour fast makeup) and to ensure that bacteria is killed.

To make your own super cleaner you will need:

  • Olive Oil Or Almond Oil
  • Clean Yellow Scourer Sponge
  • A Bar Of Sards Wonder Laundry Soap
  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (Bunnings)
  • Paper Towel
  1. Tear a square of clean paper towel and add a drop of either olive oil or almond oil and swirl the dry brush onto the towel.   This will help breakdown those hard to budge products like gel liners and bright blue eyeshadow it also is a conditioner for the brush.  The trick is to not use to much oil just enough to lightly coat the brush – you don’t want it swimming in oil.
  2. Rinse the brush in lukewarm water with the fluffy part pointing downwards, you only want to wet the bristles not the ferrule (metal bit above the bristles).  Wetting the ferrule continually will eventually cause rust or the glue to loosen which will cause the bristles of the brush to fall out reducing the life span of your brush.
  3. Swirl the brush onto the bar of Sards wonder soap until it lathers up nicely
  4. Grab your clean yellow sponge wet it once, again using lukewarm water and continue to swirl your brush in a circular motion on the sponge.  This will clean the brush thoroughly.  Continue until all colour leaves the brush then rinse.
  5. Repeat the process if necessary – if the brush heafeels slippery or slimy, continue to rinse until your brush feels clean.
  6. Squeeze out the excess water and then dip in a shallow bowl of 99Isopropyl Alcohol to coat the brush head.
  7. Remove any excess alcohol from the brush by pressing in a side to side motion on clean paper towel.
  8. Now perfectly clean, lay the brush flat on a clean towel to air dry over night or at least 6 hours. 

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