Hats for Fun and Sun at Spring Racing Carnival

Hats for Fun and Sun at Spring Racing Carnival

From cold winter mornings to hot lazy summer afternoons, there is a hat for all occasions. With the weather slowly heating up and Spring Racing Carnival fast approaching, you’ll need to look your best.

Hats are fantastic, if you are having a bad hair day, feeling trendy or bald…..whatever the reason, I feel no outfit is complete without one. With Spring Racing Carnival around the corner you’ll want to stand out from the crowd; we at Makeup Files.com.au have a few tips that could you help you choose the perfect hat.


A trip to any Spring Racing Carnival event isn’t complete without a fancy dress, a glass of wine in one hand, a betting slip in the other and fabulous hat. With help from the Goorin Brothers, we can help you look the part for you and your other half.

The Goorin Brothers have a great selection of hats ranging from fascinators, fedora and flat caps. Starting in 1895 selling hats from the back of a horse and cart, Cassel Goorin began a business that would span nearly 30 stores across North America.


If you are dressing up or down for Spring Racing Carnival, Goorin Bro cloche hat, floppy hats and fascinator are a great addition.

Choosing a hat to match your outfit can seem daunting, but that shouldn’t put you off wearing one. Whatever your “hero piece” is, you should work around that. If you are looking for an entirely new outfit, start with the hat and work your way down. If you have a new dress you want to show off, find a hat that works.


Choosing the right colour and style can be tricky, particularly with so many hats to choose from. If you are not sure what colour or style to choose, I recommend you keep things simple. Don’t go over the top with size (unless you want to) and stick to neutral colours, blacks and whites as well as icy pastels and metallics.

If it is a fedora, bowler hat or flat cap in which your other half will look good, Goorin Bros has the answer. Most caps go with most outfits he probably already has, so as long as you stay fairly neutral in choosing a colour, I think you’ll be safe no matter what you choose.

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Spring Racing Carnival is a great way to show off your new look, whether it be a traditional hat or fascinator. But above all, a hat is a great way to express yourself no matter the occasion. If I could say one more thing, your new hat shouldn’t be reserved for Spring Racing Carnival – a hat is a great addition to any outfit.


Tell us what you like in a hat – big, small, colourful, neutral?
Do you like your other half in a hat?
Do you already have a bad hair day hat?

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