Hair Know-How: How to Create the Perfect Up Style

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how to create the perfect up style

hair styles perfecting up stylesCredit. Cara Delevigne

Create the Perfect Up Style

This season’s trending up-styles are showcasing a combination of textures within the latest form of up style basics, including various braids, ponytails and buns. Throughout this article, ARC Hairdressing and Wine Bar will simplify the Perfecting Up-Styles essentials leaving you with a perfect and on-trend ‘up-do’. Learning how to use appropriate techniques such as prepping, teasing and smoothing, along with the tools of the trade, will simplify the use of each technique. With these techniques and tools combined you WILL have super luscious locks. However if you have an epic fail you can always come see us to get it right ☺.

hair styles perfecting upstylesCredit Maria Menounos


When doing any kind of up-style, prepping is essential, some would even say the most important part as it also requires a lot of thought. To get started, plan your prep by asking:

• What shape would you like?

• What textures do you want to see?

• Most importantly, how will it work with your outfit?

Then prep your plan. Teasing should always be done before using any heat styling tools as this keeps the curls, waves, body and bounce intact and looking sexy. Where do I put my teasing, you ask? No worries. Teasing is placed where you want to see volume in the shape of your up-style (simple, I know). After teasing, use your heat styling tools to create your texture. Even if you’re putting it up, having a little curl is great to manipulate the hair where you want it to go and to form your up-style. Last, but not least, add your finishing touches with products to create your varying textures.

hair styles perfecting upstyles Credit Olivia Wilde 


What if I told you that your hair doesn’t have to get knotty after teasing? (SHOCK & AWE) Teasing should really be called ‘stacking’ due to the stacking motion you create. Teasing or stacking can create volume, width and create a great platform for pinning. So how do you do this stacking? Easy. Take a piece of hair one centimetre thick and at least 3-4 centimetres wide (either vertical or horizontal) depending where you would like the volume and or shape. Continue by putting a fine tooth tail comb in about half way up the strand and push down. Afterwards, take the comb out and repeat 2-3 times for volume and width and when creating a platform for pinning continue 3-5 times in the area where the pins are being placed.

how to create the perfect up styles Credit Cara Delevigne  



Smoothing can be used to create shine and add edge to a style depending on the use of complementing textures; one of which is teasing. To create a smooth, voluminous style after teasing, take the fine tooth tail comb and gently run it over the top of the style and spray with ELEVEN AUSTRALIA’S GIVE ME HOLD FLEXIBLE HAIRSPRAY (which is available from our Arc Hairdressing & Wine Bar). When smoothing a ponytail, use Kevin Murphy’s SUPER.GOO (also available from us) and your hands to smooth flyway’s in to your up-style giving you a shiny, sleek result. You can also use brushes such as a make-up powder brush or even a tooth brush to give you a really sharp hairline by sweeping it lightly with the brush and hairspray. As our bodies radiate heat, using a small amount of product with your hands is a great way to create smoothness and shine. This technique is often used when mixing textures within the style, particularly when just wanting to smooth one side.

So there you have it! The up-style essentials for perfection – let’s be honest, we deserve nothing less than happy styling.

how to create the perfect up stylehow to create the perfect up style