Getting the J-Lo Glow

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Getting the J-Lo Glow

J-LO, the epitome of gorgeous glowing luminous skin literally all year round. This woman is classy and sassy with her makeup trends and I’m yet to come across a J-LO make up flop. She nails it each and every time and I’m going to give you an insight into how you too, can achieve the J-LO glow!

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You can have the best makeup products and tools of the trade, but with uncared-for skin what’s the use in showing off your products when, in essence, you will be highlighting bad skin and large pores.

An artist never paints a master piece on a ‘just ok’ canvas so neither should you!

It goes without saying, that JLO would have a serious skin care regime of regular facials and peels not to mention having the best skin care products at her disposal. BUT ladies, there is hope for us all to get our J-LO glow on, following these simple makeup tips and tricks.

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Skin Care: Cleans, tone (optional) treatment creams and serums are fantastic followed by your moisturizer with a weekly facial scrub / exfoliant will get you by, if you can do a face mask even better. Invest in a good and healthy routine with your skin, you will be glade you did in the coming years of skin maturity. I tell my mature aged clients that are in their 50’s and 60’s it’s never too late to invest in a skin care regime, obviously the younger you start the better!

Setting some time aside to perfect your makeup look for a special occasion or night out will really be worth your while, don’t rush perfection!

Prepping and Priming your skin canvas: Allow a good 10 minutes for prepping and priming your skin for such a Makeup look, once you have completed your skin care routine it’s time to prime. Allow your primer to settle and naturally warm into your skin for 5-10 minutes before your apply your foundation. Why do we do all of this you ask, put simply it gives a much more even surface to apply your makeup on and your makeup will last a lot longer.

getting-the-j-lo-glow.png getting-the-j-lo-glow.png


Foundation: Once you have completed the above steps, you are ready to apply your flawless foundation base. For the best results, use a damp beauty-blender sponge or a foundation buffing brush as pictured, this will help in the blending of your foundation. J-LO’s foundation is luminous her MUA would opt for liquids with added luminisor.

I really like adding a few drops of MAC strobe liquids to foundation to create a flawless dewy coverage NARS or Face of Australia make some lovely ones and are very affordable! If you have gone for a fuller coverage using a cream foundation you can add the luminisor on the cheek bones and temples and down the center bridge of the nose to create a very natural radiant look. Refer to the contouring chart below.

 getting-the-j-lo-glow.png  getting-the-j-lo-glow.png getting-the-j-lo-glow.png getting-the-j-lo-glow.png


Contouring: JLOS Makeup is always highly contoured have a look at the basic guide chart for contouring for your face shape. You can contour with powders or creams however, if your new to contouring, I would give powders a try first as you really need to perfect your blending technique when using creams as you don’t want to be left with obvious streak lines all over your face! When done correctly contouring and highlighting can be the point of difference in a nice makeup look to and absolutely l amazing makeup look.


Tip: Pink area is to use darker powder or cream contour and the Purple is to use the lighter cream or powder for highlight.

EYES: Eye primer for your eyelids is a must. It aids in the longevity of your eye makeup, enhances the color pigmentation of your chosen eyeshades and also prevents your eye shadows from creasing. You need 3 main colors, choose a lighter nudeish base color and sweep this all over the eye lid a mid-tone eye shadow color for the eye socket and a deeper shadow for the closer to the lower lid and lash area.

I love my urban decay eye shadow pallets the color ranges are phenomenal, you can actually get duplicate eye pallets of the Urban Decay Naked Pallets (right below) from Target in the Chi Chi range, they are almost identical. This particular makeup look of J-LO is using soft pink above the brow bone subtle plum in the bottom to mid-section of the eyelid blended slightly upwards. A deeper brown eye shadow has been used closer to her lash line and slightly blended towards the outer V corner of her eyes.

Liquid / Gel eyeliner has been swept along close to the lash line. A water resistant pencil is used in the upper water rim of the eye. This creates a much fuller look to your eye makeup especially when wearing false lashes. J-LO also has used a dark pencil on the bottom inner water rim of the eye and, ever so softly, has used a brown and plum swept close to her bottom lashes to create a soft Smokey eye. Just gorgeous and so on trend for this seasons color pallets

 getting-the-j-lo-glow.png getting-the-j-lo-glow.png

To enhance the beauty of the eye makeup, strip false lashes have been applied I am a big fan of ModelRock lashes, you are sure to find a shape and style to suite all eye shapes.

 getting-the-j-lo-glow  getting-the-j-lo-glow.png  getting-the-j-lo-glow.png

Cheeks: J-LO has a beautiful soft plum / pinky blush swept slightly along the apples of the cheeks and aimed towards her higher cheek bone I absolutely love MAC (left) blush pallets or ELF (right) blush pallets now available now at Kmart.

getting-the-j-lo-glow.png getting-the-j-lo-glow.png

Lips: Natural nude lips is a staple finish to pull off any Smokey eye I absolutely love NARS lip liner in Tonga or MAC Subculture to line and color the entire lip area finish or for an affordable alternative the NYX nude lip pallet has some gorgeous natural lips shades.

getting-the-j-lo-glow.png getting-the-j-lo-glow.png getting-the-j-lo-glow.png

TIP for highlighting with creams or powders: When using creams its best to use these with your foundation process and when using powder highlighters use these almost at the end of your makeup application so you can see exactly where you want to add the highlight. For Best and Basic starting points refer to the contouring and highlighting chart above!

You glow girl! Try these expert makeup tips to get the J-Lo glow and share your results with us here on Makeup Files. See also Here Comes the Autumn Bride for autumnal makeup ideas at StyleHunterBride.