Foundations Luxe to Less – What is best?

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Foundation Women's Makeup

It’s a question we have all no doubt considered when searching for the ‘PERFECT’ foundation. Does price matter?  Will the $120 foundation make me look like a Disney Princess with perfectly dewy skin? Or not. What is the difference between using a luxurious YSL or an affordable Maybelline?

When it comes to quality the short answer is luxe is best; theoretically a more expensive foundation should use better quality ingredients! But this is not always the case and an expensive foundation is not necessarily going to be better value for money. And as it is with fashion it’s not just about the product it’s about how you wear it!

Before you go spending your hard earned cash, you should know there are several determining factors (besides price) that make a foundation brilliant.

Your Skin: Buy for your skin condition. If you have an oily complexion look for a mattifying foundation; the world most expensive foundation is not going to make you glow with natural beauty if it doesn’t agree with your skin type. End of.

Know What You Want:  Whether it is a light weight foundation or great coverage, you need to know how you want your skin to look every day.

TIP:  If you are looking for something light, try a tinted moisturiser, Laura Mercier has a fantastic oil free tinted moisturiser!

Application: When it comes to wearing foundation less is actually best, and if you are looking for long lasting coverage you will need more than just a foundation! Primer’s are excellent, they prepare the skin and help your foundation last longer! If you have spots, three extra layers of foundation isn’t going to help. Instead apply some concealer to hide spots (or darkness under the eyes). You will find once you have applied a primer and concealer you won’t actually need that much foundation.

TIP: Use a make-up sponge or brush to apply your foundation very lightly, some areas (like the t-zone) will need a little more love than other area (like the forehead) and that is okay!  

Colour Match: Realistically not every cosmetic/make-up brand is going to have the perfect colour match for your skin tone. Therefore just because it is expensive doesn’t mean it is right for you, and just because it is cheap doesn’t mean it is right for you! Know your base, are you yellow or pink? Knowing the answer to this question is half the battle in the quest for the perfect foundation.

TIP: Apply a little foundation to your wrist and cheek and check out the colour against your skin, if you are particularly pale and want a whitening foundation look for Japanese brands they make fantastic foundations for pale skin. 

My Top Foundations (and a BB cream because they are taking over the world)!

  1. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundationalso available at Myer and David Jones
  2. Becca Luminous Skin Colouravailable on
  3. Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundationavailable on
  4. Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Creamavailable on
  5. Chikii Mineral Loose Powder Foundationavailable on

Hollie is a lifestyle publicist who loves all things beauty, fashion and style. She has worked in beauty PR and events in Sydney and London, and is currently residing on the sunny Gold Coast where she works for Nmedia Communications. Follow her on twitter @nmediapr or Facebook at