Casino Fashion : Channel Glamour

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Casino Fashion : Channel Glamour

Have you thought about having a night out at a Casino recently? Whilst many smaller local casinos, in the past, have likely been rather awful, tasteless establishments, brimming with unfortunate characters, Casinos are on the upswing. Channel Vesper from ‘Casino Royale’ or Sharon Stone in ‘Casino’ and get your casino fashion glamour on. Chic premises have now replaced the rather seedy gambling halls of yesteryear and, as long as you keep a handle on your spending, a night out at a casino can be a wonderfully stylish experience. So, what does one wear on a night out to a casino?

While many of us will be very much accustomed to the web-based casinos that are so the rage nowadays, sitting in the comfort of the home playing games on sites such as is hardly going to be an exercise in sartorial excellence. With a bricks and mortar casino those jogging bottoms and sweatshirts we’re usually accustomed to whilst winning money simply won’t cut it. Why NOT go for glamorous casino fashion?

Casinos often have rather strict dress codes. Don’t let that put you off going, though; dinner jackets, bow ties and ball gowns are (luckily) not the norm, and any stylish, glamorous garments will definitely fit the bill. Don’t succumb to trainers or smart casual and you’ll definitely be let in! Dressing fabulously is something that scores of people love to do, but never really get to do; relish the opportunity to get a classy, refined gown for the occasion.

Dresses are definitely what casino-goer girls should be aiming for. Cocktail dresses might seem somewhat ostentatious for a regular night out, but that beautiful gown collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe is going to grab all the attention it deserves in a casino; dressing extra classy might even afford you some free drinks or improved service! The thing to bear in mind is not to succumb to the usual night club tropes; plunging necklines and hemlines that are rather north of the knee are a no-no, sophistication being the most important thing.

Accessories are also a must. Shimmering necklaces, beautiful rings and bracelets- going on a night out to the casino is all about couture-inspired elegance! Clutch bags, crafted out of either elegant, glittery fabric or smooth, refined satin are a wonderful choice for casino nights, and can be complimented by either a touch of shimmer eye shadow or, in the case of satin, reserved, slightly less ostentatious make up.

Wouldn’t you love to get dolled up and go to a Casino? What would you wear? How would you channel your favourite glamorous celebrity?

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(additional images courtesy of ‘Casino’ by Martin Scorcese, James Bond ‘Casino Royale’, Marc Jacobs,,,, & Pinterest)