Camouflage Fashion

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Camouflage Fashion

Last week I realised that camouflage or “camo” fashion was everywhere. It happened when I was searching for a costume for a friends 40th birthday party. It’s a long story but I had decided to go as a US Marine and off I went to look for some options.

Everywhere I turned there was camouflage clothing and I happened to like what I saw.

Dress-ups aren’t usually my thing and I tend to cringe when an invite arrives that has a theme, but not this time. It was fun! I released my inner marine with a vengeance with head to toe camouflage. This consisted of a camouflage cap, a camouflage top, camouflage skirt, arm-bands in, you guessed it, camouflage fabric. The only thing that wasn’t camouflage were my high-top black sneakers which went perfectly with the rest of the outfit, if I do say so myself.

But I’m not suggesting you take this trend and run with it head to toe as I did. I would recommend you err on the side of subtle, and choose one or two camouflage pieces that you then can mix and match into your wardrobe.

It’s the right time for camouflage as we move from summer to autumn with new season colours that in my opinion suit most of us. Whatever your hair colour or skin shade I think camouflage works for most.

So get amongst this trend and grab yourself some camouflage. Here are some we prepared earlier……

  • Rusty Live Big Top – Army, $49.99
  • Billabong Seeker Camo Jean – Camo, $109.99
  • Camouflage Sleeveless Shirt, as seen in Shop Til You Drop March, $34.95
  • Huntingbird Combat Camo Dress – Twilight Camo $84.99
  • Camo Sweater from Sportsgirl, $27.95
  • Camouflage Tank Top, as seen in Shop Til You Drop March, $34.95
  • Stussy Maunder Muscle – Camo – $49.95
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