Best Makeup Brushes for Eyes and Face

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Best Makeup Brushes For Eyes And Face – Celebrity makeup artist, Antoinette Bekos, has just opened AB Pro Lab in St Kilda, Melbourne. Here, Antoinette shares her tips for the best makeup brushes for eyes and face.

One thing I always hear from clients, friends and talent is “I wish I could do my eyes like you do them”… And my response is what “brushes do you have for your eye make up?” Then I get the blank stare of  “I’m not sure, …but I have a couple…”

Which is why I wanted to share my favourite brushes; what they are fit for and how to use them. Without my brushes it doesn’t matter what makeup brand I’m using, I will never get as good a result without the right tools. I would spend most of my money on brushes over makeup, because without them I can’t make any makeup look good.  In this article I will list 3-4 brushes for each area so it works within your budget.


Firstly you need a concealer brush because that is the first step with eyes. I tend to like a flat small or medium size brush. It can be synthetic or real hair depending on your budget.
Luxe – MAC 239 $48 or 195 brush $39.00
Less – Master Makeup MM concealer brush $29.95

Next is the all over eyeshadow colour.

My favourite brush for this is similar to a concealer brush but real hair is best. The brush has to be firm as well so it picks up the pigment from your eyeshadow and you can place it all over the eye.
Luxe – MAC 242 brush $45.00
Less – Crown brushes deluxe sable shader C415 $19.45
Luxe -Mecca cosmetica base eyeshadow brush $35.00
Luxe – Stilla brush 5 All-over shadow $36.00

Now, this is my favourite step in eyes and my favourite brush ever.

It’s called a blending brush and it’s usually a very soft brush that is domed shape. It adds the highlight colour or the medium colour to your eye.
Luxe – MAC 217 $37.00 or 224 $54.00
Less – Bare Minerals crease defining brush $24.95
Luxe – Nars large domed eye brush #13 $54.00
Less – Crown pro blending crease $7.80 C441 or pro blending fluff $9.00 C433

Next is the brush for your crease or also known as socket.

Some artists like to use pointed hard socket brushes but I don’t as I like it to be a soft finish. If you like dramatic, then a pointed bullet tightly packed brush is what you need. Like MAC 219 brush or Latonas Bullet $22.00
I prefer softer brushes in crease or socket.
Less – Crown brush C412 deluxe pointed crease $9.60 or C411 pointed blender $9.00
Luxe – Hourglass crease brush $45.00
Less – Latonas Shaper brush $22.00

Lastly is the eyeliner brush.

When doing your own eyeliner the best brush is an angle brush. It can also double as your brow brush.
Luxe – Nars angled eyeliner brush #38 $42.00
Luxe – MAC 208 $39.00
Less – Latonas angle brush $19.00
Less – Smash box angled brush 12 $29.95



AB Pro Lab now open in St Kilda, Melbourne


Images courtesy of Stuart Cox Photography

Images courtesy of Stuart Cox Photography



With foundation brushes there are a few I like to use. On myself,  I apply with my fingers but on clients with brushes only.
Luxe – Favourites are MAC 159 duo fibre brush $70.00 or 168 large angled contour brush $65.00 ( I know it’s used as a powder contour brush but I love it to apply foundation with this brush)
Less – Master make up MM foundation brush $34.95
Less – Crown brushes C405 contour brush $14.00 & Syntho series deluxe angle foundation $13.00 SS002

Then lastly is powder brushes.

Blush brushes for me are the above contour brushes, as I mentioned. Powder is any good large soft brush like;

Luxe – MAC 150 large powder brush $85.00
Less – Crown C400 Large Chisel powder brush $39.95
Less – Bare Minerals full flawless Face Brush $36.95
Less – AB Powder 01 Brush $35

Care of Brushes

Also, it’s good to know how to correctly look after luxe brushes. I suggest, for personal brushes, it’s great to wash them once a week. Use any good soap for synthetic brushes and shampoo for real hair brushes. It’s also good to condition them to keep them soft. Once you wash them squeeze out excess water and lay them flat on a towel.

Below is a picture of my brush roll; I take it to every job. I have up to 150 brushes, as I love them, but also because they are the tools of my trade. I have so many of the same brushes because I like to try and use a different brush on each person that sits in my chair, for hygiene reasons. Hence why I have 5-10 blending brushes, 5-10 foundation brushes, 5-10 lip brushes, 5-10 eyeliner brushes, 5-10 concealer brushes etc.



Below are brushes for the eyes; all from my huge collection of brushes. I have a brush problem as I have close to 160 brushes in my kit, but having the right tools is very important. Far more important than the actual make up!
I’m going to tell you from left to right what each one is and where to use it.
1st one is MAC / 2nd one is Artelier no 20 / 3rd one is MAC 239 (these are used for the base colour in your eye m/up) / 4th is from bdellium tools no 776 brush / 5th MAC Brush / 6th Rae Morris blender / 7th Bdellium tools 776 vegan brush / 8th Crown brushes blender
These are my favourite brushes and they are all blending brushes. These are all fantastic. It’s totally up to you and budget on which you’d like to use. This is for your medium colour application in your eye make up and to blend your dark colour in your eye make up so there are no stop start lines. Your eye make up looks well blended once you use one of these brushes to do it.
9th is Abi&cor socket brush / 10th is Master Makeup brush
These are fabulous to add your dark colour into your eye make up in your socket. This makes it dramatic but remember to blend it out with your blending brush.
11th is Artelier angle brush / 12th is Adorn angle brush
These are fantastic to apply your eyeliner by using the angle on the brush to place it on lash line.


So hopefully this helps you to pick brushes at different price points to help you achieve fabulous make up like a pro.

For more information check out AB Pro Lab and also Antoinette’s interview with International Makeup Artist, Merton Muaremi, here on Makeup