Beauty Sins of Beauty Editors

Beauty Sins of Beauty Editors

Beauty Editors breathe the rarified air of those who know, espouse and apply the rules of skincare, makeup and beauty efficiently and effectively. What happens behind the bathroom door stays behind the bathroom door, right? Not any more, as we expose the beauty sins of beauty editors.

These are the naughty little secrets which truly show that even the experts can struggle to practice what they preach so fluently. Though their lives revolve around beauty products, researching, writing, and routinely trying out the latest and greatest, beauty editors can be just as bad as the rest of us.

These are the top five beauty sins of beauty editors at plus one of my own.

All Images by Roy Lichtenstein unless stated

All Images by Roy Lichtenstein unless stated

Image by

But being an expert must still have it’s perks. I’d be surprised if the beauty editors at beautyheaven haven’t figured out every sneaky trick, every shortcut and every side-step possible to minimise their make-up time and slim down their beauty routine.What do you think?

So if you must pick a pimple, they can tell you when and where it will make the least impact on your skin, right? I wonder if this exposure will encourage the beauty editors at beautyheaven to provide some tips and tricks to help us repent on our beauty sins. Stay tuned.

What are your worst beauty sins? Care to share?

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