Beauty Secrets: Steal Skincare from Your Baby

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Beauty Secrets: Steal Skincare from Your Baby

Yasmin Border is a Makeup Artist and Fashion Stylist who explains how you can go double-duty using products you may already use for your baby. Why buy two products when you need only buy one? Take it away Yasmin.

Beauty Secrets: Steal Skincare From Your Baby

I’m not sure if it’s because of the adorable packaging or because they’re amazingly gentle–but I just can’t go past the baby products aisle when I’m in the chemist!  I mean yes, you can fill up your shopping cart and pretend its all for your baby but let’s be honest, sharing is caring, and once you start trying these products on yourself you’ll be hooked.

So go ahead – steal skincare from your baby, because these products are not only great for those little munchkins, but they’re also amazing for us!

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Baby Powder

If you have lighter coloured hair, try applying a small amount of baby powder to your roots as a dry shampoo for quick touch-ups, or as a volumiser to replace those fancy volumising powders that seem to be everywhere at the moment. Just sprinkle a pinch of the baby powder through your hair, gently rub into your scalp & brush out the excess!

For the best oil absorbing properties, look for a baby powder with cornstarch rather than talc.

Try: Johnson’s baby Pure Cornstarch Powder With Aloe Vera & Vitamin E RRP $3.75StealFromYourBaby3 beauty secrets

Baby Wipes

I literally have packets of these everywhere; in my bathroom, on my dressing table, in my desk drawer & even in my handbag! They’re great for wiping up messes, cleaning hands, taking off makeup & are an absolute godsend for when you’re travelling (especially for a quick all over freshen up before you land).

Look for unscented wipes as to not irritate your eyes or any other sensitive areas

Try: Curash Fragrance Free Super Thick Baby Wipes RRP $4.99

StealFromYourBaby4 beauty secrets

Nappy Cream

Due to the healing nature of these creams, they’re not only great for nappy rash, but can also be used for the treatment of cuts, abrasions, scalds, insect bites & stings, chapped hands, minor skin irritations and even sunburn. Amazing!

Look for creams that contain Zinc Oxide, which works wonders on healing the skin.

Try: Sudocrem Healing Cream RRP $6.99StealFromYourBaby5 beauty secrets

Baby Oil

Oils are discovering a popular resurgence right now so why not go back to the first oil you ever tried: baby oil!

Try using it on your legs before you shave – this will leave your legs feeling silky smooth! Or try rubbing it into damp skin after a shower as an intense body moisturizer (it will also make your skin glow).

You can even use it as an eye makeup remover to remove pesky waterproof mascara. Squeeze a tiny amount into the palm of your hands and [using your fingers] gently massage it onto your lashes, wipe away the excess with a cotton pad & then wash your face.

Try: Weleda Calendula Baby Oil  RRP $22.95StealFromYourBaby6 beauty secrets

Baby Bath

There’s no delicate way to say this, but highly fragranced bubble baths can disrupt your lady part’s pH, which can lead to all sorts of problems including Thrush. Eeek!

Easiest way to avoid all this? Use a baby bubble bath or soak instead. These products are specifically designed with baby’s delicate skin in mind, so they’re far less fragranced & much gentler than the ones made for adults.

Try: Jurlique Baby’s Soothing Bubble Bath RRP $22StealFromYourBaby7 beauty secrets

Kids Detangling Spray

If you have fine hair that tangles easily, then this product has your name all over it! These detangling sprays are made for kids, which means they’re lightweight and won’t leave any residue on your hair to weigh it down. Plus they leave your hair smelling clean & fresh while helping with breakage.

Try: Gaia Natural Baby Conditioning Detangler RRP $9.95StealFromYourBaby8 beauty secrets

Baby Shampoo

While baby shampoo probably isn’t going to cut it on your hair as a shampoo, rest assured it does have other uses! Ever thought of using it as a tear-free eye makeup remover? Well, use a drop on a damp cotton ball, apply then rinse and – voila, it’s a make-up remover!

If you’re not game to try it though, you can also use baby shampoo to wash your makeup brushes & if you’re in a pinch, you can also use it as a shower gel!

Try: DermaVeen Baby Shampoo RRP $11.99

StealFromYourBaby9 beauty secrets

Baby Wash

Apart from the obvious option of using it as a body wash, it also makes a great shaving cream because it won’t dry your skin out.

Try: Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash RRP $10.99StealFromYourBaby10

Author & Makeup Artist, Yasmin Border

Yasmin Border. Makeup Artist and Fashion Stylist

Yasmin Border. Makeup Artist and Fashion Stylist