Ballettonet Stylish Ballet Flats

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Ballettonet Stylish Ballet Flats

Ballet flats never seem to go out of favour and are a staple in every fashionable wardrobe. Ballettonet stylish ballet flats are Italian-made and come in a beautiful array of colours and styles. You’ll love them. Watch this short video to see the latest styles & colours.

Stephanie Waters, the woman behind Ballettonet, has provided us with an insight in to the iconic ballet flat and why she decided to start a business around them. Take it away, Stephanie!

The flat turned into an iconic shoe after Audrey Hepburn played the part of Jo Stockton in Funny Face. It was Jo’s beatnik-friendly character and antifashion stance that captured the imaginations of the fashion houses, during the time when the stiletto was at the height of popularity. Flats got their cool factor by appearing as the underdog, the quirky, the intellectual and free. It became the influence of the alternative youth culture, which prided itself on rejecting the styles of the privileged mainstream.

If Marilyn Monroe’s signature shoe was the stiletto, Audrey’s was undoubtedly the flat. Monroe was the ultimate sex kitten and Audrey made a career of playing women who undergo a Cinderella like transformation. Think about her memorable films such as Roman Holiday, Sabrina, My Fair Lady and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This is why we named our current collection ‘Roman Holiday’, to celebrate what Audrey did to turn the ballet flat into a style staple. The audience then preferred to see her in ponytail and flats because she was relatable, while Monroe seems untouchable – the Hollywood goddess.

Fortunately women can choose to be both these days, an Audrey and a Marilyn. Ballet flats are the go-to pair of shoes for a practical, comfortable and elegant look. Our ballet flats at are designed and selected to compliment and enhance your own unique style, no matter the occasion, time or day. Through simplicity and minimalism we create a base for versatile, daily elegance. Our shoes are wearable, classic styles that speak for themselves. Designed to compliment your style, not define it.

I founded the online destination for italian ballet flats because I couldn’t find well-made flats at moderate prices in Australia. I wanted to buy quality flats that could last for more than two seasons but I didn’t want to break my budget. I am always wearing ballet flats. Whether it was for office attire during the days when I didn’t have client meetings or now as a mum running around after two kids while managing the business.