Are Varsity Jackets Still a Thing in 2023?

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Varsity Jackets

Are varsity jackets still cool?

The varsity jacket is an iconic symbol of camaraderie, achievement, and classic American culture. Beyond their athletic origins, varsity jackets embody the spirit of teamwork and success, radiating a sense of nostalgia that instantly transports us back to those cherished high school days. In movies and television shows, varsity jackets often signify youth and the spirit of teamwork. Moreover, they have become iconic staples in various subcultures, adorning the shoulders of athletes, musicians, and artists alike. Despite their vibrant history, are varsity jackets fading into history?

Letterman jackets

The letterman jacket was designed to show that you were an athlete at a high school, not just an average student. Many students get letters for sports and other extracurricular activities. You have to be a good student and have high grades to get a letter. You also need to practice lifting and conditioning.

Today, the letterman jackets are more like rain jackets than anything else. No longer adorned with the school or sports logo, they are just another type of jacket. According to Jill Hoffman, this decision was made because it would cause more students to wear jackets. Mr. Summers is not going back to letterman jackets soon. Instead, he plans to sell them online.

Though letterman jackets are considered a throwback, they are still a trend in smaller cities. For example, in Tigard, Oregon, high schools offer letterman jackets that students can design. Unlike today, students are not required to return them. Moreover, letterman jackets can be worn in different settings, from meetings to evening baseball games. Even though letterman jackets have been in fashion for quite a while, they remain trendy.

a woman with varsity jacket sitting on top of a tree branch

Where To Find Varsity Jackets 

Embracing the timeless allure of varsity jackets can take you on a nostalgic journey through different avenues. One way to don these iconic garments is by proudly wearing your own high school varsity jacket, a tangible link to your past achievements. If you’re on the lookout for a vintage twist, thrift stores offer a treasure trove of pre-loved jackets, each with its unique story to tell. For a sentimental touch, consider borrowing your parents’ old varsity jackets, creating a bridge between generations. The digital age has made it easier than ever to indulge in this classic trend; online platforms offer a wide array of options, from authentic reproductions to contemporary adaptations. Whether steeped in personal history or fresh off the internet, varsity jackets remain a charismatic emblem of style and heritage.

Varsity jacket

Whether you’re shopping for cool varsity jackets by Jostens for your son or daughter, you can find them at Jostens. They ship directly to you and accept online payments. If you want to customize your letter, you can do so for a small fee. You can also order a lettered jacket at their bookstore. Then, simply pay a small fee for the lettering and have it shipped to you directly.

The red letterman leather arms make it a classy piece of outerwear. This classic style features a zip front, double stitching, and leather sleeves. In addition, it has two varsity-style pockets and an inside chest pocket. This jacket is an excellent value. It’s sure to turn heads in class and at parties! An ideal choice for any school! You’ll love it for years to come!

Since it was first introduced, the varsity jacket has undergone a great deal of evolution. This classic style has taken on many different forms yet still maintains timeless elements. While some have moved towards high-end leather goods, other companies have chosen to remain true to their mission of offering quality and style at affordable prices. The Jacket Maker has achieved the perfect balance between price and quality while maintaining affordability and value. It is hard to find a more versatile piece of outerwear than a Varsity Jacket.

Marcelo Burlon varsity jacket

This cotton varsity jacket is the epitome of comfortable cool.  Marcelo Burlon’s varsity jacket’s slouchy silhouette and white striped shoulders lend an authentic college vibe. However, its low-key appliques still retain a contemporary edge and can be worn with a varsity shirt and baggy pants. Modern sneakers are an excellent choice, too.:

Consider the Gucci Horse Bit Jacket if you’re looking for a high-roller version of a varsity jacket. The jacket’s bright red color is sure to catch attention, and it features an interlocking G horsebit on the chest. In addition, the material inside is incredibly luxurious: the body is made of 100% wool felt, while the sleeves are made of butter-soft red leather. Pair it with your favorite jeans or designer boots, and you’re ready to go!


So, are varsity jackets still a thing in 2023? The answer is a resounding yes! While the letterman jacket may have evolved into a more casual and versatile style, it remains a popular choice among high school students and beyond. The timeless elements of the varsity jacket, such as the leather sleeves and classic design, continue to make a statement and turn heads. If you’re wondering how to style your varsity jacket, you could pair it with dark washed jeans for a super chic look. We have more ideas here. Whether you opt for a customized letterman jacket or a modern take on the varsity style, these jackets are a symbol of pride, achievement, and personal style. So go ahead and embrace the trend, whether you’re a high school student or simply looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your wardrobe. A varsity jacket is sure to make you stand out and exude cool confidence for years to come.