Alphabet Creams Explained

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Alphabet Creams Explained

Alphabet creams BB, CC, and DD creams …Oh & let’s not leave out Blur Creams….YIKES…

Ok, so if you you’re feeling a tad confused about what your skin care regime should be these days, you’re certainly not alone. A simple 3-step skin care routine has scarily turned into almost 7 steps…So what is all the fuss and hype about these miracle creams, and do they work? Which are the best ones to add to your growing collection of creams.Well, here’s alphabet creams explained..simply.

I’ve tried, tested and researched my way through these potions, oh and not to overwhelm you BUT word on the street is that an EE cream is about to be launched which will be for exfoliating…but we’ll worry about that little beauty for another time…phew! OK so let’s get started and break these bad boys down in a cheat sheet….here goes!

BB Creams- Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm

BB creams claim to smooth the skin, contain anti-aging elements, even out your skin tone, moisturize, protect against sun damage, and have a light-reflecting component that can give your skin a dewy, luminous look!

BB cream in fact originated because dermatologists wanted to help their patients cover their scars and, at the same time, help heal the skin. Many BB creams on the market today are really no different from a fuller coverage tinted moisturizer, UNLESS you stick to true brands such as Korean brand MISSHA.

This BB Cream is formulated to act in a way that a BB cream was specifically designed for; troubled skin conditions with all the other special components as mentioned above. Garnier have a skin renew BB cream which isn’t too bad actually. I kind of like this BB cream, however it lends itself more to a Beauty Balm rather than a Blemish Balm, so bear this in mind when you’re on the hunt for a true BB Cream. Do you want something that combats troubled skin? Then invest in an original Blemish BB Cream. For the in-betweener then you would be pretty happy with the Garnier.


 CC Creams – Color Correcting / Completion Correcting

Packed with vitamins C and E complexion corrector creams are similar to BB creams, but focus more on the colour correction i.e.; evening out skin tone.

They tend to offer a light weight veil of coverage and a boost of instant benefits. CC Creams are typically infused with light-diffusing particles, which visually even out skin tone. They give a super-dose of antioxidants and tend to offer more coverage than a BB Cream. They are especially great for people who have pigmentation, redness or uneven skin tone. CC cream “corrects” areas that you can’t cover by building up layers of BB cream or foundation alone. I love this CC cream and especially love the smashbox Camera Ready CC cream prior to my everyday foundation routine.


DD Creams – Daily defense

They combine the power and benefits of both BB and CC creams. However, their primary focus is anti-aging for a more mature skin. The anti-aging specialty of the cream works to diminish wrinkles and fine lines throughout use. Additionally, DD cream will balance skin tone and protect the most sensitive areas of your skin. There aren’t too many of these DD Creams but the Julep brand is the best of the bunch!


Blur Creams

These ‘spac’ fillers for your face are divided into two categories: pre-foundation and post-foundation with the main aim of ‘blurring’ your fine lines. YAY! Sadly, they only last a few hours – BooHoo!

Blurring products are applied before or after makeup, depending on the formula. In some cases they can replace your primer, but in other cases they work better when used in conjunction with primer. Again, it depends on the product and, you guessed it, with the store shelves flooded with these bad boys you really need to read the directions of use for your chosen blur cream.

Using a blurring cream is like a having a soft focus shield on your face. It will erase fine lines and some wrinkles, and even out your skin tone. Some will address and hide shine as well – pretty special little cream, hey!

You think it sounds like a BB or CC Cream? – You’re not wrong in thinking that but it’s very different. It is almost white in colour and feels more like a primer than the liquid consistency of an alphabet cream. Think of it as a filling cream that smoothes the base.


Now you think it sounds like a primer? .. mmmm, well it’s not, But it is kind of in that family. . . The jury is still out on whether we’ll be able to use it instead of a primer (some say it is a primer, but much more), but like any product, you’re best to use it according to its message. Primer is still a vital step in your beauty routine. The crazy thing about blur cream is you’ll also be able to use one on top of your foundation as a finishing step, or as a touch-up product during the day. When adding blur creams to your foundation routine bear in mind that blur cream is slightly thicker than a normal liquid product, it has the potential to move on your face; the old rule is that a little goes a long way.

Again, like most of these miracle creams the skincare market is flooded with them, and each brand claims to be the best. Personally I have tried all three of these blur creams and really like them all for different reasons. If I had to pick one it would probably be the Nano Blur. Having said that it doesn’t really agree with silicone based foundations, that’s why it’s really important to read the directions of use for your chosen miracle potion before you combine it with the rest of your products.

Important tip when combining your skin care with your foundations!! Oil and water don’t mix, so a great rule of thumb when choosing a cream or primer is, before you apply your foundation, make sure they are compatible. For instance, a water based primer or moisturiser will work best with water based foundations. Look for words like Aqua & H2o; these will usually be in the first line of the ingredients bar.

Silicone based creams or primers will go best with silicone based foundations. Look for words like silicon or silica on the back of a product. This simple rule will aid in the longevity of your makeup staying put for a lot longer, which means fewer touch ups and you will actually reap the benefits properly from you products if used correctly!

Images courtesy of, popsugar &

Images courtesy of, popsugar &

Has this explained alphabet creams clearly for you? Do you use all or any of these types of products? What do you think of them? Can you recommend your favourite cream for our readers to use?