About Us


Our mission is to provide beauty solutions that work with you and your busy lifestyle. With a focus on anti-aging, effective and time-efficient solutions, we’re committed to empowering busy women to look and feel their best, every day.


We envision a world where no woman ever feels compelled to sacrifice self-care for her demanding schedule. She navigates her busy life with grace and confidence, knowing that taking care of herself is not a luxury, but an essential part of her well-being. 

Meet Our Team

Meet our beauty fanatics who live, wear, and write about makeup and all things beauty. They have made it their mission to bring the world of beauty to life through their words and expertise.

Yasmin – blog writer

Yasmin started writing for Makeup Files since 2020. Not only passionate about writing beauty, she previously worked in a beauty startup company that specialised in creating volume enhancing shampoo. She’s a doting mother of two adorable dogs, Urchin and Froggie. 

Victoria – blog writer

Victoria started writing about makeup since she was 9! Secretly playing with her mother’s makeup collection, she would write makeup reviews in her journal. Victoria joined the Makeup Files team in 2021. When she’s not whipping up a makeup look in the bathroom, she’s whipping up a dish in the kitchen.