8 Tips to Hide a Tattoo Using Makeup

Many people have tattoos that they want to hide from the world. Whether it is a symbol from their family, friends, boss, work colleagues or pastor because of the stigma surrounding tattoos, there are many reasons why someone might want to cover tattoos. There are also many reasons why someone would not be able to cover tattoos with clothing and accessories alone. In this article, we will discuss 8 different makeup tips for covering up your skin art so you can leave your home without any judgement!

Do you have a tattoo that you want to cover up?

If so, then this article is for you! Here we will go over 8 different makeup techniques that can be used to cover tattoos. Each of these tips works differently and has its benefits, what are the process of makeup cover tattoo, and the drawbacks. We’ll also show some techniques on how to cover tattoos for a different kind of skin tone.

In the end, it’s up to you which method best suits your needs but hopefully, this guide will help point you in the right direction! Let’s get started with our first tip.

1. Prepare and clean the skin properly

Although a tattoo cover is not a typical makeup application, it is still necessary to cleanse and prepare the skin carefully to prep the skin for tattoo cover up. Rubbing alcohol should be used to wipe away the tattooed region with a cotton pad. This will help to remove any oils or residue that may be on the skin and will also help the makeup adhere better.

Once the area is clean, you can then proceed with your desired tattoo cover up method. You can use your best makeup set on your makeup kit. Remember you don’t need to be a makeup artist for a tattoo cover up.

2. Apply a primer to ensure maximum makeup hold

Finally, in covering tattoos to ensure maximum makeup retention, apply a primer to the surface. Using your fingertips, apply a pea-size amount of primer. Massage the solution into the skin until it is completely absorbed.

3. Cover the tattoo in a thin layer of concealer

The first technique for hiding a tattoo is to cover it in a thin layer of concealer. This can be done with any type of concealer but we recommend using a liquid or cream formula, as they will provide more coverage than a powder.

Also, make sure to use a full coverage foundation in a color that is as close to your skin tone as possible. This will help you in covering tattoos.

If you are using a cream concealer:

Cream concealers are some of the best products that will temporarily cover your tattoo. They are thick in consistency and are easy to blend onto the skin. You can use a makeup sponge to cover your tattoo. The only downside is that they require a bit more time to set into place before you can proceed with your makeup routine.

If you are using powder concealer:

Powder concealers will typically be found in stick form rather than as a loose powder or compact. They work by simply applying the makeup directly on top of your skin. The upside is that they are fast to apply and give light-to-medium coverage. However, this method won’t work too well with tattoos because you need more pigment for it to be effective.

Powder concealer has five shades good for different color skin, you can mix and match colors and blend them to provide a good tattoo coverage. These will provide colors that have closely matched your skin tone and the concealer that will be perfectly used as a tattoo cover up makeup.

If you are using liquid foundation:

Liquid foundations can also be used as a covering tattoos method. They provide high coverage, they are highly pigmented, smudge proof, can also provide maximum coverage finish for different skin tones and are easy to blend with makeup brushes. However, you will need to set the foundation again after applying your concealer so it won’t rub off on clothing or other surfaces.

This kind of foundation is good for covering large tattoos. Liquid foundation is a highly pigmented foundation. Make sure to use a color correcting concealer to perfectly match your skin tone with the foundation and concealer. This kind of foundation is called a full cover foundation by a tattoo artist. It is highly recommended to cover tattoos for occasions linked to a job interview. This is the best makeup to cover your tattoo and a good body foundation.

If you are using BB cream:

BB creams have become extremely popular over the past several years. They are creamy concealers that provide a medium-coverage finish and can also be used as an all-in-one product for your makeup routine. The only downside is they don’t offer the best coverage, especially on tattoos where you need something with more pigment to it!

If you are using stick foundation:

Stick foundations are similar to cream concealers with the only difference being that they contain less pigment. Good for small tattoos this can also cover some acne scars. Stick foundations can provide medium to full coverage. They also tend to be thicker and easier to blend than liquid foundations but still provide a lighter coverage compared to other makeup products on this list such as lipstick or tinted moisturizer.

Stick foundation has the color correct property very good for touch ups on areas that need to be fully healed. this will show an even layer of makeup on your body very convenient to use for cover up tattoos. It has a high performance trait and looks very natural because it has four shades that you can play with while covering your tattoo.

If you are using powder foundation:

Powder foundations can be a great option for hiding tattoos. They give a matte finish and are easy to build up if you need more coverage. However, they can be quite drying on the skin so it’s important to use a good moisturizer before you apply foundation.

Powder foundations have a buildable coverage quality that will temporarily hide your tattoos or acne scars. it will look like it heal completely. It has a weightless feel tattoo cover up makeup it is also recommended by tattoo artist as the best tattoo covering foundation.

4. Color Corrector

For tattoos with dark colors, you may try applying a color corrector such as Color-Correcting Powder Pigments over the artwork before putting on makeup. Use orange to cover blue or fading tattoos and red for deep black ink. This will guarantee that the actual coverage is quicker and more effective. Then, use Leg and Body makeup in the right shade to cover the tattoo on your legs and body.

5. Blend the body concealer

Once you’ve covered the entire tattoo, use a flat top stippling brush to softly and evenly press in the color and texture. A small quantity of product is sufficient. You should use the least amount of product feasible to maintain the region’s quality and finish.

6. Use a mirror to review the overall perspective

After that, you might wish to take a step back and use a mirror to inspect the overall view and see if any more coverage is required. In a studio setting, I recommend checking the amount of coverage on the monitor since studio lighting may influence how makeup appears on camera.

7. Apply for more coverage (if needed):

If you want to go over the same area again, add another layer of concealer with a stippling motion. You may apply as many layers of concealer as needed until the tattoo is entirely hidden.

8. Ensure that the makeup is water-resistant and will last

At this point, we need to lock in the coverage to ensure that the makeup is water-resistant and will last. Using a powder puff, sponge, or brush and the Loose Setting Powder in the original shade, apply a generous amount on top of the makeup to completely absorb the moisture. Wait at least two minutes before rubbing the powder away. If you used more than one layer of foundation, wait up to five minutes before removing the setting powder.

This will ensure that all moisture from the product is removed and it won’t move. You can also use a makeup setting spray to secure your tattoo cover. Aside from choosing makeup, also consider using a transfer resistant kind of makeup like other concealers that are used to cover up tattoos.

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed this article on how to cover up tattoos with makeup! Remember, if you have any questions or want professional advice on what might work best for your situation, always consult with a makeup artist. We hope that this will help provide some peace of mind in knowing how to cover your skin art without judgement from others! Thanks for reading!