5 Ways to Style a Shift Dress


A shift dress is usually a dress that lacks shape, so it’s your job to style it to suit your body and your needs. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to style a shift dress and make it your own. First things first though – if you don’t have a simple shift dress already, head to your favourite fashion store such as Universal Store to get yourself one! Now, read on for tips on how to style your new shift dress!


The shoes you wear with your shift dress will make a major difference in the look you end up with. If you’re after a fun, going out look, perhaps you should try wearing “flatforms” of a bold colour. To create a poolside, beachy look you could go with casual wedges or bohemian-like sandals. For a very casual look that you’d wear just to the shops or to have lunch with your best gal pals, you could try wearing plain white Converse or other equivalent sneakers. Footwear is insanely important when it comes to styling – your shoes could make or break the whole outfit!


A belt will add shape to your shift dress, which can aid in styling and dressing up your outfit. A belt can show off your curvaceous body and accentuate your best features. A short shift dress when worn with a belt and with the right heels and other accessories could be the absolute best going out dress – simple, but totally effective. Use your discretion when choosing a belt best suited to the look you’re after. Belts are a necessity to the shift dress wearer’s wardrobe.


The jacket you choose to wear (or not wear) with your shift dress changes the look of the outfit yet again. A simple, cute cardigan creates an instant innocent, preppy look. A cool leather jacket will add a little sexy spice to your outfit. Lose the jacket to stay with the really casual vibe. It’s definitely up to you (and the weather outside) to wear the jacket you think your outfit needs or doesn’t need.


Jewellery and other accessories are majorly important to the success of an outfit. Shift dresses with high necklines should be worn with chunky, bold necklaces, bangles and/or earrings. Dresses with a V-neck suit the simpler, petite necklaces and other jewellery. Some shift dresses don’t need jewellery, especially if the other things you’re wearing make enough of a statement on their own. The amount of jewellery you wear will change the look of your outfit again, so accessorise wisely!


You might not think it but the way you wear your hair makes a difference in the entire look and vibe of your outfit. If you’re hair is really casual, your outfit will be casual – if you’re hair is highly styled, your outfit will look more exceptional. Do your hair after you’ve decided what look you’re going for!

Shift dresses are so easy to wear as you can wear them in so many different ways. They’re definitely a wardrobe essential – if you don’t already have one, invest in one now. You can have so much fun with them, so go and be creative with how you style a shift dress and accessorise to your hearts content!

How do you like to style a shift dress? What’s your favourite accessory? Will you up-date your shift dress look this summer? How will you style a shift dress this season?

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