5 Ways To Reduce Those Undesirable Baggy Eyes

As you age, your skin changes, losing its firmness and softness. These shifts particularly affect the youthfulness of the face, causing an increase in wrinkles and sagging. The eyes take a hit, and the bags and puffiness often age someone well before a person is willing to accept the difference. You may be able to fight this unwanted change by making some adaptations to your routines. The following are four things to try.

1. Watch Your Consumption

Diet impacts how your body functions and looks. For example, your hydration levels impact your skin, a large organ of the body. When moisture levels are not correct, the skin could become dry and flaky, a leading cause of wrinkles. Strive to reach your water intake each day, aiming for at least 60 ounces a day.

In addition, monitor salt levels which impact your skin’s inflammation and elasticity. Try to keep the levels low to avoid puffing up.

2. Consider Allergy Medication

The weather and environment could impact your eyes. Allergies, for example, may cause people to suffer from dry eyes and irritation. The state causes them to be tired and weaker, possibly making those bags flare-up. Use cold compresses nightly. The temperature may reduce the inflammation. In addition, an allergy medication could alleviate the condition too.

3. Try Cosmetic Products

Numerous brands focus on alleviating unsightly eye problems. Research various creams and serums to find something that may work for your issues. Usually, these products are applied in the morning and before bed, restoring moisture levels.

4. Hire a Surgeon

If your efforts haven’t worked, speak with a medical professional specializing in facial plastic surgery Raleigh NC. The surgeons are specialized in eye lifts that remove the excess baggy skin and tighten the area to try and look youthful again.

5. Try Supplements

Some studies have recently indicated that vitamins impact the skin’s firmness. Vitamin C, collagen and Omega-3 are all possible choices. Collagen, for example, is found naturally in the body. The substance directly relates to your skin’s elasticity. As people age, this nutrient decreases, however. Adding it back in could provide the boost with your eye’s need to avoid dark circles.

You do have some control over the aging process. By working with your body, you could mitigate some of those signs of aging, particularly the appearance of your eyes. Focus on your nutrition and skincare, as they are major contributors to your skin’s look.