5 ways to add pizazz to your work outfits

5 ways to add pizazz to your work outfits

It can be monotonous wearing the same corporate clothes day in and out to work. There are only so many shirts that you can own to create different looks with your suits.

If you’re looking for a way to add more interest to your work outfits without purchasing more clothes, you are at the right place. Here are 5 ways to add pizazz to your work outfits.

1. The Tie

Your male colleagues don’t have to be the only ones donning a tie to work. Women can wear them too. Ties work best with a collared shirt if worn in a corporate environment. It does have the potential to make your outfit casual if worn loosely with a non-collared top. If you want to try this style, why not raid your partner’s tie collection?.  It’s a chic look that says you’re all business with your colleagues and clients.

2. The Bow Tie

A bow tie worn with a white shirt under a blazer is a polished look that is slightly less masculine than the vertical tie. Bow ties can lift a work day outfit into a night one.

3. Adorne a brooch

Brooches are making a comeback this season. They can be adorned on the collar or lapel of your blazer or blouse. Don’t be limited by design. The best style brooches against black blazers are the diamante encased ones. Just make sure it’s not too heavy as it can create big holes in your blazer.

4. Suspenders

Another masculine style that looks very trendy against a white shirt and black pants. The added bonus is you don’t have to wear a belt as the suspenders will keep your pants in place for you.


5. Pocket Squares

Pocket squares only work with blazers that have front pockets, but they can add pattern and colour to the most boring work combo outfit.

If you’re game, why not incorporate two of these tips into your work outfit?

How are you going to add pizazz to your work outfit this week? Which is your favourite trend?

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