10 Summer Music Festival Must-Haves!

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10 Summer Music Festival Must-Haves!

The sun is out, the tunes are pumping and it’s time to hit up a music festival. Ahhh bliss! Before you head out, there’s a few must-have items you’ll need.. and yep, they’ll keep you looking super stylish.


1. Blanket

Just because you’re heading to a music festival doesn’t mean you need to kiss goodbye to your favourite creature comforts. Pack a too-cute blanket to sit on. It will also keep that pesky mud or grass off your outfit.


Image credit: Urban Angel


2. Festival Style

Amp up your festival style with a cute crochet dress, flow maxi dress, cut off denim shorts or an on-trend jumpsuit. Tribal prints are also super hot at music festivals.


Image credit: NSMBL


3. These Boots Were Made For Walking…

There is nothing worse than trying to dance while bearing the pain of blisters on your feet. Make sure you wear a well worn pair of shoes that will see you through the day (and night!) totally pain-free. Go for a comfy pair of sandals if it’s hot, or a pair of flat boots if it’s raining.


Image credit: Elle 


4. Cover It Up

Keep yourself warm at night with an old school denim jacket. Invest in a summer cropped jacket for a timeless classic you can wear over and over again.


Image credit: LoLoBu 


5. A Pop of Colour

It’s summer to bring out the colours! Music festivals wouldn’t be complete without a splash of colour. Think bright pinks and corals on the lips and nails.


Image credit: UOI Online


6. Be Sun Smart

We know it’s boooooring, but let’s not forget that there’s nothing fun about heat stroke. Be sun smart with a pair of gorgeous sunnies, a super stylish hat and of course some sunscreen so you can dance the day away!


Image Credit: Outfit Haven  


7. Headband

Bring out your inner 70s child with a beautiful headband. Whether you’re going for a hippy inspired flower chain headband, or an ultra modern metallic pop, headbands are a must-have for any music festival.


Image credit: The World Is My Playground 


8. Go wild with accessories

Music festivals are the perfect excuse to go totally crazy with accessories. Think big, statement necklaces, arm cuffs and earrings.


Image Credit: Shop Planet Blue


9. Keep hydrated

Yep this ones a biggie! Keep super hydrated all day with a reusable water bottle. Fill it up every hour or two to make sure you’re getting enough water. Alternate a bottle of water to every alcoholic drink to make sure you’re ready to party the night away!


Image Credit: Bamboo Bottle Co 


10. Bag Lady Style

Gone are the days of the boring old backpacks, these days a cute carry all is a fashion statement on it’s own. Fill it up with all of your must-have essentials for a practical and fashionable look.


Image credit: Some Rolling Stone

What’s your summer music festival style?